ELITE 2022 Sales MVP Roger L. Sharp of Harmony Biosciences, LLC

Roger L. Sharp

Vice President Sales

Harmony Biosciences, LLC

A Sales Growth Leader/Maestro

Roger L. Sharp’s 25+ year sales leadership career can best be summarized in one word: ELITE. Starting in the industry as a hospital sales professional, Roger excelled no matter the company, sales territory, or therapeutic areas. Over the span of his career, he was a 6x winner of Sales Professional of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Trainer of the Year, 4x winner of Regional Manager of the Year, 2x winner of Hospital Manger of the Year, 2x winner of National Sales Director of the Year, in addition to six President Club wins and multiple leadership excellence awards.

Since joining Harmony Biosciences in January of 2019, he not only built a high-performing sales team and shaped its culture, he also led the successful launch of Wakix (pitolisant), Harmony’s first commercial product focused on helping adults living with narcolepsy, a rare neurological disorder. Since the product launch in November of 2019, Roger and his team have been tasked with helping patients while delivering key metrics, regardless of access to HCPs during a global pandemic. Over the past eight quarters, the team exceeded expectations and averaged 124% of goal attainment versus those key metrics.

Thanks to Roger and his team, the company achieved 2021 net revenue of $305.4 million compared to $159.7 million for 2020. The 91.2% growth can be primarily attributed to strong commercial sales of Wakix driven by demand led by the sales team. Additional key accomplishments for Roger during the launch of Wakix include: significant year over year/quarter over quarter increases in key metrics such as growth in number of new prescribers, number of HCPs writing prescriptions for Wakix, and average number of patients on therapy.

In addition to delivering on his commitments to the business, Roger has also been involved in critical employee development initiatives. He led the launch of a Progression Program for the field sales team members which provides promotional opportunities for sales representatives and regional managers. And over the past four months, Roger led the field sales organization through an expansion, which required aligning communication, gathering regional manager input into the process, hiring new candidates, and maintaining transparency with his team.


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