ELITE 2022 Sales MVP Noelle Olsen of Verywell at Dotdash Meredith

Noelle Olsen

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships

Verywell at Dotdash Meredith

A Top Performer and Leader

Noelle Olsen is the type of seller that companies fight for, and Dotdash Meredith has been fortunate enough to have her on their team since 2018. Her work on the Verywell brands lets her do what she does best—develop meaningful relationships with partners based on trust and confidence, break new accounts, and grow new and existing business year-over-year.

It comes as no surprise to her colleagues that Noelle surpasses her sales goal each year; she consistently over delivers on sales growth, breaking new business and deepening partnerships at both the agency and client level.

Much of Noelle’s success can be credited to her relationships. She works closely to identify her clients’ business challenges and uses those to inform proper solutions that help build their strategies. She’s been turnkey in providing insights that impact health outcomes and patient actions, which in turn has bolstered her partners’ performance. Clients know that they can always rely on Noelle to ensure campaigns are executed correctly and successfully—90% of her business renews, and in 2021 alone, she grew her overall business by 63%.

Noelle isn’t only an exemplary seller, but she builds others into top-notch sellers too. Noelle serves as a mentor to all those she works with, and she has helped transform her direct reports from transactional sellers to truly strategic thinkers. As a top performer on the Verywell team, Noelle sets an example while also leading them through how she handles herself and challenges her clients to ask for more.

She has guided her team through a phenomenal upfront season during which they grew their business by 50%, including doubling business from their largest account. Overall, Noelle continues to disrupt the industry through her strategic thinking, fearless sales style, her influence on her clients and colleagues, and her tireless efforts to provide her clients with the best service she can.


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