ELITE 2022 Sales MVP Scott Wright of Healio Strategic Solutions

Scott Wright

Vice President, Eye Care

Healio Strategic Solutions

The Eye Care Market Expert

The challenges caused by the pandemic left sales professionals with a lot to overcome. But Scott Wright and his team never missed a beat—achieving year-over-year double-digit growth for Healio’s eye care portfolio throughout the pandemic.

Scott attributes part of the reason for his success to the lessons he learned during the market crash in 2008. At a time when most clients were looking to become more efficient while minimizing a loss of efficacy, two clients challenged him to stop making sales calls about tactics and to focus more on the brand’s needs.

“By gaining a deeper understanding of the client needs,” Scott explains, “I can apply the market knowledge I’ve developed over my career to create strategic solutions ranging from print and digital display to custom content opportunities and live educational programs.”

For example, a client who was about a year into the launch of a new device that had been somewhat disruptive to integrate into physician practices was looking for ways to communicate how other practitioners had been successful with the integration. Scott’s solution: Practice Profile, a series of interviews focusing on the whys, whats, and hows of the decision-making and integration process. This format allowed the client to shift the message to focus on the practitioners’ needs rather than another clinical piece featuring the benefits of the product.

In another situation, a client had a surgical technology that, while providing benefit and security, was viewed by many as an unnecessary investment. From this discussion, Scott came up with the idea for a series of short, more candid videos of surgeons telling their stories of when the diagnostic showed its true value.

“As a salesperson, it’s easy to get caught up in focusing on the cost to make the sale and lose sight of the value that you are providing,” Scott says. “Personally, I take a lot of ownership in the eye care market and believing in the value we provide has allowed myself and our team to continue to be regarded as a, if not the, primary resource in the market.”


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