ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Jeremy Brody of Kantar Health

Jeremy Brody

Chief Strategy Officer

Kantar Health

The Constant Transformer

Ever since Jeremy Brody joined Kantar Health, he has been transforming some aspect of the company.

In 2009, he built out global operations and compliance departments, which became leaders and sources of best practices for the industry. Promoted to EVP, Corporate Development, he then led the business’ transformation, organically and through partnerships, toward digital/mobile research capabilities, a critical step in modernizing its offer and being competitive in the industry. Next, he was promoted to his current role of Chief Strategy Officer, and is leading the transformation of Kantar Health’s commercial business from a largely traditional market research offer to a data-driven strategic offer of commercial business consultants. This shift has taken a part of the business that was in decline and returned it to growth in 2020—and it’s poised to exceed the company’s peak commercial revenue in 2021.

“Jeremy has a unique talent of seeing possibilities where others cannot,” says Michael Fronstin, Global Head of Innovation Real-World Evidence, Kantar Health. “As a result, he’s able to help connect the dots to form something tangible and of value. This has been exemplified via a variety of new partnerships and offers which have contributed to our successful growth strategy.”

An example of that is how Jeremy spearheaded the identification and catapulting of the company’s Real-World Evidence (RWE) practice into a core growth pillar and cornerstone of Kantar Health’s transformative big data strategy. This all happened before RWE became the hot topic in life sciences, positioning Kantar Health as an early mover and leader in what has now become a dominant focus in the industry. Thanks to the successful implementation of Jeremy’s RWE growth strategy, the company’s RWE revenue has doubled in recent years.

His most recent accomplishment was announced last December, when Cerner indicated their intent to acquire Kantar Health. Jeremy led this process which is opening up many bright opportunities for both employees and clients.

Outside of work, Jeremy and his wife, Rocky, have been busy raising six sons. And yet somehow, he still finds time to manage performances of local bands at a neighborhood bar near his home in Jerusalem.


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