ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Marlo Benevento of Virgo Health

Marlo Benevento

Senior Director, Client Services

Virgo Health

The Do-It-All Leader

The term “Renaissance woman” aptly describes Marlo Benevento, Senior Director, Client Services at Virgo Health.

Marlo’s most notable responsibility is leading Virgo Health’s work as the medical education agency of record for a market-leading product in the diabetes space.

Marlo’s clients don’t see her as a vendor, but rather as an extension of their team and a “one-stop shop” for strategic counsel, content development, program execution, and communication with thought leaders. Her clients know they can ask her any question, at any time, and she is more than happy to collaborate on finding the solution. It’s impossible to think of a request that Marlo could not complete—always exceeding expectations while doing so.

To borrow from a well-known mogul: “Marlo Benevento isn’t a businessman. She’s a business, man.”

Natalie LeBlanc, Associate Account Director, notes: “Marlo immediately established herself as a leader by growing her account into one of Virgo’s most valued partnerships to date. She has earned unparalleled levels of trust with every client, which has been a driver of Virgo’s organic growth. Her leadership has produced powerful results that have inspired client strategy beyond the projects on which we work.”

Although Marlo’s formal role is in client services, she can pinch-hit as a scientific director owing to her intimate familiarity with the data across the hundreds of tactics she oversees.

Marlo has established a standard of excellence that would be challenging for anyone else to surpass and has built a strong team around her. Her team consistently receives high scores from clients for providing exceptional work.

As a leader, Marlo strikes the rare balance of being highly approachable while providing guidance and decisive recommendations. Kailee Guthrie, Senior Account Manager, cited Marlo as one of her role models for personal growth, by demonstrating through her actions that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Marlo embraces a challenge and always acts with the end goal in mind: to help healthcare providers effectively care for their patients.

Marlo is living proof that a skilled generalist can—and does—turn challenges into success by adding value to everything that crosses her path.


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