ELITE 2020 PR Guru Jessica Griffith of Pascāle Communications

Jessica Griffith

Director, PR and Development

Pascāle Communications

The Storyteller Extraordinaire

Jessica Griffith lives and breathes the basics of protecting, enhancing, and building her clients’ reputations by using compelling storytelling distributed through all available and appropriate media outlets. Her knack lies in analyzing the organization to find valuable messages, and her abilities are exemplified by her successful track record of translating those messages into educational stories.

She knows which platform to use for what story, and has the skills to utilize each to its fullest potential. She and her team determine the best fit for clients and direct campaigns that harness each outlet’s unique niche, reach, and audience. Jessica has the perspective and experience to approach content from a multi-layered, and when needed, international perspective. Her ability to anticipate these nuances showcases her emotional intelligence, respect for agility, and comfort level with collaboration across borders.

Jessica has assisted clients at times of exciting growth and partnered with them through new acquisitions. For example, startup TearScience became part of powerhouse industry-leading Johnson & Johnson Vision, breakthrough technology Iantech was purchased by major player Zeiss, and innovator Valtech became part of Edwards Lifesciences, all with the Pascāle team’s partnership. She also has in-depth experience when it comes to helping navigate the tricky waters of devices with crossover implications. Jessica and her team have collaborated with Lumenis across multiple specialties, including vision, urology, aesthetics, as well as through an expanded scope including breaking into the challenging ob/gyn and ENT markets.

“Working with Jessica is an absolute breath of fresh air,” says Isabella K. Kennedy, Global Senior Product Manager, Vascular Division, Teleflex Inc. “We have worked together now for about seven or eight years and through this entire time, she has remained consistently passionate, supportive, and diligent. Her creativity and enthusiasm create projects that contribute to industry as well as ensure the success of our business and products. Jess is a gem and I feel grateful to have been able to work with her for all these years.”


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