ELITE 2020 Strategist Amber Chenevert of VMLY&R

Amber Chenevert

Director, Strategy & Insights


Mixing Education and Advanced Research Methods

Amber Chenevert, PhD, possesses an eclectic mix of academic and agency experience. This gives her a unique perspective that empowers clients to embrace fresh ways to engage consumers, champion industry inclusion, and foster inspiring leadership that prioritizes service over shine. She earned her doctorate in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin, specializing in consumer behavior. She’s also an adjunct professor in the Steinhardt School Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University.

Amber’s experience with advanced research methods and her background as an educator provides her the credibility and empathy to push clients to embrace research methods that are both grounded in sound research practices and nuanced to their specific business needs. She assesses business problems and then recommends research methods and executional options to best solve that problem, not relying exclusively on familiar approaches—and clients appreciate her for that. She does all this while educating and supporting clients along the way. This fresh take on research serves to advance the discovery of insights allowing for more meaningful connections to customers.

Amber supports inclusion by expanding and integrating capabilities that provide the best outcome for clients and give marginalized groups greater access to the industry at large. Working in this way has strengthened ongoing client relationships and driven greater organic growth for VMLY&R. Amber works similarly to drive diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts. Her experience navigating resources at colleges and her service to diverse professional organizations helps her offer custom strategies for recruiting and retaining entry-, mid-, and senior-level talent.

Amber leads with a people-first mentality that empowers clients and team members. She offers the support and facts they need to make confident decisions that challenge norms and bring out their best work. Her patience and care for people allow for open dialogue, new ideas, and calm among the chaos. Amber is a star not because she desires to shine, but because she desires to serve others. She believes that someone who prioritizes support of her team is a true leader. When her clients and team members win because of her efforts, she also wins.


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