ELITE 2020 Marketing Team Vyleesi Marketing Team

Vyleesi Marketing Team


Agency Partners: Condé Nast Health, imre, and Healix Global

Team Members:

Molly Martin, Director Vyleesi Consumer Marketing
Blake Schiller, Executive Director Vyleesi Marketing
Silvio Silva, Senior Product Manager, Vyleesi Consumer Marketing
Meghan Rivera, SVP, Head of Sales and Marketing – Women’s Health

Condé Nast Health (Publisher):
Laurie Nunziata, Account Director
Melissa Consorte, VP Sales
Debra Harris, VP Marketing
Carlos Pena, Executive Director, Activation and Product
Dana Kravis, Executive Producer, Condé Nast Entertainment
Kayla Billings, Senior Strategy Manager, CNX at Condé Nast

imre (Creative Agency):
Yueh Fang Feng, Creative Director
Emily Giegerich, Group Account Director
Leanne Haggerty, Account Manager
Christina Pandolfi, Associate Creative Director
Liz Hess, Strategy Manager
Robin Sacawa, Sr. Program Director

Healix Global (Media Agency):
Jordan Brensilber, Manager, Communications Design
Chris Dino, Director, Communications Design
Rebecca Peretz, Negotiator, Digital Partnerships
Elisabeth Stuart, Group Director

The Vyleesi Marketing Team

Educating Women About HSDD

In 2019, Condé Nast joined forces with Vyleesi and agency partners imre and Healix to amplify their Unblush disease awareness campaign (prior to the drug’s release) to educate women on hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and reduce stigma. HSDD occurs in nearly one in 10 adult women in the U.S. Yet, 95% of women were unaware that this is a medical condition that can be treated.

The campaign included an experiential event to bring women together for a sensory experience, to explore desire and learn about HSDD. Speakers included Ilana Glazer (“Broad City”), Phoebe Robinson (“2 Dope Queens”), comics Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle (Hulu’s “PEN15”), Gillian Jacobs (Netflix’s “Love”), ob-gyn Lyndsey Harper, sexologist Shan Boodram, Oscar-winning producer Melissa Burton, and entrepreneur Estrella Jaramillo. Tickets to the event sold out in 48 hours. CNX, Condé Nast’s internal agency, brought the Unblush messaging to life through activations designed around discovery. From an essential oil bar to phone booths playing internal monologues of women, guests used all their senses to think about their own sexual desire in a new light. The main event was a panel in which a diverse group of women discussed sexuality, female sexual desire, and HSDD, including expert perspectives from the ob-gyn and sexologist. The event was extremely successful, driving more than 2.4 million social conversations.

The campaign also included a series of three “To be Honest” custom videos featuring carefully casted talent openly talking about their experiences with HSDD across SELF, Glamour, and Allure. Through intimate shots of women in their bedrooms talking to the camera, they share real, vulnerable, and honest stories about sexual desire. These diverse women are shown talking to their doctors, providing expert education, and normalizing the conversation. In addition to the three co-created custom videos, the Unblush campaign had 100% SOV of contextually relevant editorial content across SELF, Glamour, and Allure.

Overall, the multichannel campaign was a huge success, generating condition awareness and driving discussion. Of those exposed to the digital content, 93% said they believe HSDD is a real medical condition, and 82% reported they would discuss HSDD with their doctor.


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