ELITE 2021 Patient Advocate Andrew Schorr of Patient Power and Remedy Health Media

Andrew Schorr

Co-Founder, Patient Power

Executive Vice President, Remedy Health Media

A Patient Empowerment Pioneer

Even though he’s a two-time cancer survivor himself (chronic lymphocytic leukemia and myelofibrosis), Andrew Schorr has been an advocate and mentor for all patients and their loved ones since long before his own diagnoses.

As Co-Founder of Patient Power with his wife, Esther, Andrew led the charge in the late 1980s using his extensive journalism background to innovate channels and formats to reach patients dealing with a wide range of chronic illnesses. His goal has always been to produce credible, timely, and digestible information to empower patients to participate in their own healthcare decisions. The Patient Power website along with its social media, events, and e-newsletters now reach upwards of a half-million cancer patients and their families a month. 

Andrew has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to using a wide variety of communication channels and platforms to reach as many patients as possible, providing them with the best resources they need to make informed medical decisions. He developed the first telephone-based platform for reaching hundreds of patients at a time with programming about their condition. This was prior to the days of publicly available internet access.

He also developed and hosted weekly radio programming for patients and brought his human-interest story expertise and journalistic style to video interviews with researchers, clinicians, and patients long before anyone else. The Patient Power site has now attracted and grown cancer community members exponentially over many years across more than a dozen cancer conditions.

Andrew also wrote a book, The Web Savvy Patient, that guides patients and their families through the best use of online resources and approaches to finding accurate and timely information. He continues to share his story and the story of others on social media and at national and international conferences.

“Andrew’s commitment to cancer advocacy and education over decades has had a massive impact on millions of patients and care partners,” says Mike Cunnion, CEO, Remedy Health Media. “He has been finding innovative ways to share his experience, provide access to leading medical experts and institutions, and build communities where patients and care partners can navigate their cancer diagnosis well-prepared and hopeful.”


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