ELITE 2020 Marketing Team The Sharecare Consumer Solutions Integrated Marketing Team

The Sharecare Consumer Solutions Integrated Marketing Team


Team Members:
Lori Flynn, SVP, Integrated Marketing
Meghan McNally, VP, Integrated Marketing
Samantha Hutzler, Director, Integrated Marketing
Jen Owens, Director, Integrated Marketing
Michael Lepow, Director, Consumer Insights, Integrated Marketing, Patient Experience Lab
Heather Ligerman, Events Specialist

Top row, left to right: Lori Flynn, Meghan McNally, and Michael Lepow. Bottom row, left to right: Jen Owens, Samantha Hutzler, and Heather Ligerman.

Bringing Immersive VR Experiences to Market

The Sharecare Consumer Solutions Integrated Marketing Team has achieved an unparalleled level of success since forming in 2016. Together they have elevated Sharecare’s go-to-market strategy and taken health-tech innovation to new heights within the pharma marketing industry, while strategizing and delivering transformational programs for pharma partners that have proven ROI.

Throughout 2019, the team leveraged Sharecare Reality Lab’s VR medical education technology to ideate and develop immersive experiences for 18 pharma brands, resulting in multiple industry awards. Highlights included a multichannel program featuring Sharecare co-founder Dr. Oz walking users through a VR diabetic heart, and EndoPowerful, a program that brought Endometriosis to life through a 3D VR-based education customized specifically for a female millennial audience. Furthermore, the team’s brainchild for a first-ever black box branded integration on The Dr. Oz Show for a leading type 2 diabetes drug, combined with a multichannel digital and social program across Sharecare and Dr. Oz’s digital properties, helped propel the pharma brand and Sharecare to four nominations for this year’s DTC National Advertising awards. In addition to creating strategic custom programs leveraging Sharecare’s data and technology to drive results for clients, the team developed and brought to market Sharecare’s top-selling new VR experience for 2020, the Interactive Patient Story, which combines a documentary-style personal patient journey with VR interactions. Seven exclusive modules have already sold for conditions such as migraines, diabetes, psoriasis, breast cancer, and more—solidifying Sharecare as an industry leader in innovation.

The team also supported Sharecare’s sales efforts through conference and event innovation. The team made an impact with futuristic nap pods where attendees could experience Sharecare Windows’ award-winning meditation and relaxation VR content, and presented VR diabetic heart demonstrations at the annual Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards. From DTC National and the inaugural PHM HealthFronts to the Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Summit and GetConnected 2020, this marketing team has helped transform Sharecare into a thought leader in the health tech space.

Thanks to all of their efforts the team saw a growth rate in RFPs of 88%. Sharecare’s advertising revenue has catapulted by 91% since the team took over.  


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