ELITE 2020 Digital Crusader Matt Irwin of Confideo Labs

Matt Irwin

Head of Product & Technology

Confideo Labs

Pharma’s First Use of Volumetric Video

After being named a PM360 ELITE Tech-Know Geek in 2019, Matt Irwin has continued to prove that he is hands down the industry expert for immersive healthcare media.

Throughout 2019, Matt crafted a range of award-winning strategies that leveraged augmented reality (AR) deployed as enterprise apps to deliver magical engagement and educational experiences. Building on the success and novel value achieved by these initial AR programs, Matt strategically pushed further by subsequently defining and evolving the integration of volumetric video, which had never been used before in pharma marketing. Volumetric video is a highly specialized capture process, using more than 100 lenses to capture performances from every angle. Advanced computer vision software in combination with manual stitching work merge the information to create fully 3D “holographic” representations of patients/physicians that come to life via interactive AR experiences.

Under Matt’s guidance, Confideo Labs’ clients have deployed numerous series of both patients and physicians as fully 3D holograms, at life-sized and tabletop scales, that are used across field forces and conferences in the U.S. and around the world. These solutions combine the holographic 3D live-action content with blended digital interactive media to redefine stakeholder engagement. This is a unique offering and an unprecedented approach to evoking visceral and dramatic storytelling for pharma.

“At Confideo, Matt is engaged by clients to craft innovative multi-dimensional tactical plans that continuously push the creative and technology boundaries to help manufacturers optimize storytelling and distinguish their brands,” says Mike Marett, Founder & CEO, Confideo Labs. “He takes a highly strategic approach to unpacking a client’s digital engagement needs, and factors latest-generation technology and new media styles which combine to exceed expectations of stakeholders across channels.”


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