ELITE 2018 Digital Crusader Kokil Tandon of Amgen

Kokil Tandon

Senior Manager, Value & Access


Combining Population Health Tools

Kokil Tandon and Amgen are fully embracing the growing trend of using digital tools as vehicles to drive comprehensive and effective customer interactions. Over the past two years, she has charted a path to centralize Amgen’s disease state tools across a variety of therapeutic categories into a one-stop, solutions-driven platform.

The pioneering digital project launched by Kokil was the development of the “Choose Your Own Solution” mobile application, which focuses on building Amgen’s presence as a leader in population health. This application demonstrates how Amgen and its customers share population health goals that align with Triple Aim initiatives, provides an overview of the quality landscape and its key stakeholders, and communicates Amgen’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with relevant and impactful care management tools and resources.

This digitally driven one-stop-shop solution provides relevant disease-state content for cardiovascular and bone health, focusing on clinical and economic burden and gaps in care within the healthcare system. The app includes two continuous quality improvement (CQI) case studies showing how some health systems have successfully tackled gaps in care, in one case incorporating steps to proactively identify, screen, and treat patients at risk of osteoporosis to reduce fractures. Positive feedback from various stakeholders cites this content as a key win in providing customers with timely and actionable information on the successful implementation of CQIs.

Lastly, this digital asset serves as a central repository for all of Amgen’s population health tools. Until its launch, Amgen’s account managers never had on-demand access to their population health tools in one easily accessible location—which has been a challenge for a team that represents numerous brands. A unique functional attribute of this digital tool is the ability for an account manager to tailor Amgen’s offering to meet a specific customer need— hence, the name “Choose Your Own Solution.” For example, the app allows account managers to create customized folders and select only those resources relevant for detailing to a particular customer need, as well as the ability to email the selected resources to customer’s before, during, or after an engagement.



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