ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Linda Matthews of BioCare

Linda Matthews


BioCare, Inc.

From Non-Profit to For Profit

When Linda Matthews joined BioCare, a specialty distributor, annual revenues were $17M and the organization was struggling to grow. At the time, BioCare was a small regional distributor and a division of a 501 (c) (3) blood banking organization. Linda led a restructuring of the organization and under her direction, the division grew to a national distributor leveraging the unique distribution capabilities of the parent organization and expanded BioCare’s custom hemophilia consignment program. This program enabled hospitals to improve patient care by having access to expensive medications with little risk.

BioCare grew supporting the unmet and urgent needs of customers caring for hemophilia patients. They delivered life-sustaining products quickly and efficiently using a high-touch service model. This approach caught the attention of more manufacturers, and the company continued to be awarded new exclusive and dual distribution rights for more specialty products. In an effort to diversify the business and continue growth, Linda expanded direct sales into the non-acute segment. This resulted in greater revenues in this area than the hospitals. Also, in 2017, Premier, Inc., one of the nation’s largest GPOs, recognized the organization’s efforts by naming BioCare as a winner of their annual Legacy Award.

Realizing that BioCare’s continued growth would be limited by the parent organization’s 501(c)(3) status and ability to offer non-plasma related product offerings and new services, Linda has lead the organization through a change from non-profit to a for profit corporation over the past year.

Under Linda’s leadership, BioCare customers have consistently been the company’s best advocates. Recently, they were awarded distribution rights for an ALS product marking another significant accomplishment for the company—the addition of a major product offering in a new disease state.

“BioCare’s track record is a direct result of Linda’s passion to serve her customers and their patients,” says Barbara Pantazopoulos, VP Marketing & Communications at BioCare. “The high-touch service model she implemented at BioCare has one focus—optimal patient outcomes. Under her leadership she weaves this theme throughout every part of the company, which has transformed the organization to compete with multi-billion-dollar competitors.”


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