ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Jennifer Mason of Snow Companies

Jennifer Mason

SVP, H.E.L.P (Health Education, Learning, and Patient Support)

Snow Companies

Adding New Business Offerings

When Jennifer Mason, MPH, joined Snow Companies in 2011, the agency massively expanded its footprint to add white-glove innovations such as call-center capacities, industry-leading compliance processes, research analysts, health educators, and other platforms to its existing portfolio of Patient Ambassador® programs.

Jenn was a fearless advocate of creating a central hub and data resource for all adverse event (AE) reports, every call center interaction, and every piece of data. This hub was created with Salesforce.com, and Jenn oversaw the implementation of the platform. But, knowing that it wouldn’t be enough to just add a new service, hire new staff, or install a fancy new system, she also drove the necessary changes to make use of every facet of that product. Jenn implemented processes that are both rigid enough to ensure reliable reporting and compliance and flexible enough to allow for performance and quantitative growth. Now, every day, Snow Companies’ Salesforce.com platform logs more than 1,000 patient or MD touchpoints.

Jenn’s work to establish this platform and the processes behind it made it possible for the agency to scale its business model and add whole new departments. And, in many cases, Snow Companies’ compliance system is chosen as a benchmark for other agency partners, due to the rigor and confidence in Snow’s processes.

All of these transformations happened while regular business operations ran at unbridled speed. Plus, Jenn also had to oversee a sizeable portion of Snow Companies’ staff, mainly health educators, Salesforce.com technicians, and research analysts, but also quite a few managers.

“Jenn Mason is easy to work with because you feel like you have somebody in the trenches with you, helping you serve your clients,” says Chemelle Evans, SVP, Snow Companies. “While she’s naturally being pulled in a lot of directions, she’s never so overwhelmed or afraid that she can’t challenge herself to stretch and grow. And that has helped us do the same as an organization. In everything she does, she shows the tenacity of a transformational leader.”


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