ELITE 2021 Transformational Leader Amy Gómez of Klick Health

Amy Gómez

Senior Vice President, Diversity Strategy

Klick Health

Fostering Inclusion and Equity for All

How’s this for a movie plot? A woman with a PhD in European History and Literature becomes a leading cross-cultural marketing specialist who paves the way for true diversity and inclusion. It’s not that big a stretch. Amy Gómez has studied all the world-changers of history and literature. Now, it’s her turn to help lead the next revolution—in health equity.

She joined Klick in March 2020 to launch a Cross-Cultural Marketing practice. As Senior Vice President of Diversity Strategy, Amy helps ensure that Klick’s work recognizes and integrates the perspectives, values, and beliefs of diverse audiences.

With social justice issues—not to mention a global pandemic—at the forefront of our culture, Amy hit the ground running. She and her team analyze global and U.S. multicultural audiences to better understand their consumers’ identities. They have played an instrumental role in recruiting a more diverse set of participants into the ACTIV-2 study, which is currently examining several coronavirus treatments. The “Rise Above COVID” cross-cultural campaign has seen tremendous success with Hispanic enrollment.

The campaign also included a unique pilot program in Black-owned barbershops and salons across major U.S. cities. The program addressed the community’s mistrust of the medical field and worked to increase the number of Black participants in ACTIV-2 clinical trials with a resonating message: “You might have COVID, but you are not a victim.”

Beyond client contributions, Amy leads Klick’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Council, has evolved policies, and guides new initiatives—all of which focus on anti-racism education, DE&I commitments, employee resource support, and talent management. Outside the agency, Amy teaches Cross-Cultural Marketing in the BIC Master’s program at City College of New York, and offers her expertise as a thought leader to industry publications, the media, and academia.

Driven by a deep sense of fairness and purpose, Amy works day and night to right wrongs, create a world where everyone has access to the resources they need, and foster true equity in healthcare. It’s a plot we can all take part in.


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