ELITE 2018 Marketing Team Promius Dermatology Marketing Team

Promius Dermatology Marketing Team

Promius Pharma

Agency Partners: CultHealth and Greater Than One Inc.

Team Members:
Victor Caliman, Director of Marketing; Cloderm, Trianex, Promiseb Brand Lead
Adam Seid, Associate Director of Marketing; Sernivo Brand Lead
Jennifer Collins, Associate Director of Marketing; Strategic Sourcing

Adam Seid, Jennifer Collings, and Victor Caliman.

Healthier Skin Matters

This year, Promius Pharma is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and one of the many achievements they can celebrate is the continued success of their dermatology marketing team. In the past year, the dermatology marketing team has launched a new campaign for Sernivo (www.Sernivo.com) as well as enhanced the campaigns for mature brands Trianex (www.trianexointment.com) and Cloderm (www.clodermcream.com).

The team has developed breakthrough, comprehensive resources for their sales force, including a new digital sales aid, HCP leave behinds, and in-office materials. Along with supporting the sales force, the team cultivates a group of top representatives who help champion marketing strategy among the field team, and guide the creation of specific materials geared to mitigate the challenges and meet the needs of a dynamic market.

In addition to the new digital sales aid, the team also updated the dermatology branded websites, incorporating revised, revitalized creative to provide patients and HCPs with the latest information about treatment and patient savings opportunities

In terms of the Sernivo marketing strategy, the team went beyond your typical MOA and developed four separate ‘mechanisms’ to establish the product positioning for HCPs and patients alike.

Finally, the team developed a new corporate slogan which captures the corporate vision and mission: “Healthier Skin Matters,” which will live in all future Promius Pharma dermatology materials.

Results also matter, and the team has certainly achieved those: By Q3 2017, sales were exceeding expectations and reps have been receiving positive feedback from customers with regard to the new innovative materials. Moving forward, Promius Pharma will step even further into the spotlight as a trusted, compassionate partner for the dermatology community.


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