ELITE 2018 Disrupter Darla Posey of Novartis

Darla Posey

Associate Director, Oncology Marketing, Melanoma


Always Identifies a Better Way

Darla Posey’s desire to shake the status quo was established in her early years at Daiichi Sankyo where she set out to change the way the company educated HCPs in the diabetes space. She not only began a successful clinical diabetes educator program that was executed on a national level, but also made sure to see it through across all facets of the brand—including, but not limited to, patient marketing and market access.

Her next big disruption occurred at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, where Darla initiated “The Schedule Program” as an answer to a huge unmet need in the GI space—the lack of education and preparation of patients and caregivers before a colonoscopy. After building a comprehensive content platform, she moved to the access group to help overcome the issue of a lack of Medicare coverage for the majority of the patient population. That lead to a claims analysis, which she prepared, that identified 40% missed sales opportunity. While more sales are great, Darla also wanted to do more for the patients. After careful research she found a business partner to help ensure medicine was delivered right to the front door of Medicare patients.

Most recently, Darla began to disrupt the melanoma world by leading a testing partnership program to reinforce the importance and urgency of testing patients for the BRAF mutation when the patient receives a melanoma diagnosis—a first of its kind in this space. She worked with a team at Novartis to identify a laboratory partner, and develop a collaborative effort to make the test available to all patients. She is also strategizing and leading the development and pull-through of all personal and non-personal materials—so that HCPs and patients are familiar with all that is available.

“Darla brings the art of science and strategy together while taking risks to forge a new path to ensure seamless integration and consistency across strategy-driven materials,” offers Diane Vinch, EVP, Managing Director of Concentric Health Experience. “And she genuinely cares and pushes forward for patients.”


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