ELITE 2018 Disrupter Tara Vanderloo of Sensei Labs

Tara Vanderloo

Vice President, Customer Success

Sensei Labs

Leading the Way in Digital

A nine-time IRONMAN finisher, Tara Vanderloo is constantly pushing herself to the limit physically and mentally. But for Tara, it’s not about finishing first (it took her 15 hours to finish her last race; the cut-off is 17 hours)—it’s about empowering yourself to go farther than you imagined. In her 20-year career, she’s taken that same approach to helping healthcare organizations: Pushing the limits of digital, while always ensuring everything she does has a people-centric approach.

Much like her affinity for endurance sports, Tara’s professional role is all about achieving success through speed and sheer tenacity. As Vice President of Customer Success at Klick’s Sensei Labs, she helps life science companies evolve and execute faster.

That’s no easy feat in the world of pharma marketing. But with the award-winning SenseiOSTM platform, Tara and the Sensei Labs team are working with customers to accelerate their brand launches, collaborate with agencies and vendors to manage and orchestrate hundreds of projects, and operationalize their innovation processes with ease.

In previous roles at Klick Health, Tara partnered with pharmaceutical and consumer health brands and oversaw the creation of many industry firsts, including gaming and mobile apps. She has also held senior positions at other healthcare agencies and startups, supervising leading-edge initiatives using iPads as well as virtual and augmented reality for surgical simulation and medical device training.

Tara has been working at cutting-edge companies since graduating university. She got her start as a strategic lead in the development of Palm Pilot apps for Specialists & GPs (innovative tech in the ’90s!). She has also worked on digital initiatives for serious chronic conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, partnering with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) on caregiver education and on the first Virtual Preceptorship for bipolar disorder.

As Sensei Labs’ Co-Founder Jay Goldman says, “It’s rare to find someone with such a well-balanced blend of leadership, intelligence, and empathy. Tara’s experience in life science and her understanding of modern business challenges make for a powerful combination that helps Sensei Labs’ customers achieve far greater success.”


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