ELITE 2021 Creative Director Kevin Millar of INVIVO

Kevin Millar

Senior Vice President, Creative & Medical Science

INVIVO, a Red Nucleus Company

Weaving Together Creative and Innovation

Since its inception, Kevin Millar has been there to shape the creative fabric that makes INVIVO the agency it is today. As one of the first employees, Kevin wore many different hats—all with style—but over almost two decades, he led and grew the Production teams that helped to define INVIVO first as a medical animation powerhouse, and eventually building out INVIVO’s core areas of expertise to a full-service digital agency.

After 15 years of driving production excellence at the agency, Kevin made the natural shift into his role as SVP Creative & Medical Science. And in 2019, he helped to establish INVIVO’s Creative Innovation department, which after several years continues to define the creative vision for each project and client INVIVO takes on. As part of this initiative, Kevin is intimately involved with Creative Innovation’s other mandate of ensuring that the agency stays on the forefront of technology and industry change. In 2021, he expanded the department by adding a new Creative Director and Creative Innovation Associate.

Through the pandemic, Kevin has led the creative vision for many of INVIVO’s virtual symposia projects that now are a major part of our new “hybrid” world. For example, he helped conceive interactive displays, booth activities, animations, medical games, clinical trial panels, and symposia for ACR 2020. He also contributed to the development of new sales material focused entirely on tactics that could be delivered virtually.

Kevin’s inherent and learned ability to both understand and help craft the scientific and creative stories that INVIVO tells has been a driving factor in major industry award wins over the past 20+ years—now sitting at over 150.

That is why Kevin remains dedicated to strengthening and expanding the enviable creative fabric that he has woven. When INVIVO joined the Red Nucleus family in late September 2020, Kevin was instrumental in the integration of the company into the larger organization while ensuring the agency maintains its unique creative vision, culture, and purpose.


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