ELITE 2018 Disrupter Mike Marett of Confideo

Mike Marett

Founder & CEO


Bringing Future Reality to Pharma

Mike Marett has already been named an ELITE Entrepreneur in 2016 and an ELITE Transformational Leader in 2017 for his work launching multiple new companies, most recently Confideo, while also counseling and advising health/tech and media startups along the way. But now, we are recognizing his continued pursuit to further disrupt the digital space and push new technology forward.

“I have known Mike for over a decade and worked with him for more than half that time,” says Cristina Spano, Senior Account Manager at Confideo. “As a result, I have had a front-row seat to witnessing Mike successfully spearhead the launch of new ventures and successfully commercialize a range of products and platforms, always pushing boundaries and creatively disrupting the status quo. Mike brings passion and tenacity to advancing applications and blazing new digital channels in ways that transform marketing strategies and tactics.”

Mike has proven time and again that he is not afraid to advocate for innovation, which has led to many industry firsts. In 2016, he guided the deployment of the first VR MOA, the first rollout of premium Gear VR kits to national field forces, and the first mixed media VR video. More recently, in late 2017, he helped roll out the first ever live, mixed-reality CME stage presentation, which was highlighted by The Medical Futurist among the technologies that are effectively shaping the future of medical conferences.

Mike has followed up these achievements by continuing to work to implement new ancillary, but related, ways to help brands optimize storytelling and unlock additional meaningful value from burgeoning technologies, such as mixed reality and augmented reality, deployed across channels and technology platforms.

“What I love most about Mike is his passion and his ability to inspire clients, like me,” says Josh John, Associate Director, Cardiovascular Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim. “In his every day, he challenges the status quo and brings forward new ideas and recommendations based on his understanding of our strategy and the new media landscape. It is because of him that I was able to pioneer virtual reality and mixed media technology for the Cardiovascular franchise at BI.”


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