ELITE 2018 Digital Crusader Ashleigh Chung of Facebook

Ashleigh Chung

Client Partner – Global Marketing Solutions


Leading Digital Transformation

“Ashleigh Chung demonstrated a relentless dedication to digital marketing transformation during her time at AstraZeneca,” says Lars Merk, Director, Global Multi-Channel Marketing at AstraZeneca. “Her abilities—rooted in healthcare industry depth, modern consumer insights, and technical platform expertise—allowed her to fundamentally shift the way the organization approached digital marketing.”

As part of this digital transformation, Ashleigh was a foundational member of a multi-faceted Customer Experience & Innovation team, representing enterprise-level digital marketing excellence for the company. Overseeing a team of both capability and channel experts, Ashleigh drove a portfolio of work focused on innovation across all therapeutic areas and critical stakeholder audiences, from patients to healthcare providers.

For example, her work involved focusing on the establishment and expansion of social listening, including digital influencer pilots; delivery and scale of mobile patient services, including a mobile wallet savings card which continues to grow YoY; establishing connected patient relationships through increased social scale and close partnership with AstraZeneca’s search, OLV, and social platform partners; working with regulatory to approve guidance for emerging channels applied across portfolios in a consistent and compliant way. Ashleigh also spent a significant amount of time exploring emerging tech (such as artificial intelligence, voice search, and messenger applications), identifying measurable pilots, and developing plans for scale within the organization.

“There are always signals indicating what is coming next, but it is often difficult to know when/how they will be applicable to customers and specifically to the pharmaceutical industry,” Ashleigh says. “Staying the course and exploring opportunities to continue to drive business impact through emerging channels, measuring everything and maintaining a mindset of intentional innovation, scale, and evolution allowed me to push the boundaries on how we approach connected customer relationships and hold ourselves accountable to the same CX expectations as our CPG and retail partners.”

Recently, Ashleigh joined Facebook where she will work closely with pharmaceutical partners to support their business by uncovering opportunities for them to leverage the best products and strategies to connect with customers and deliver on their business objectives.


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