ELITE 2018 Digital Crusader Annemarie Crivelli of Cambridge BioMarketing

Annemarie Crivelli

Director of Digital Services

Cambridge BioMarketing

Moving Beyond the Digital Standards

By now, having digital offerings at your agency is ubiquitous. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good or go beyond checking the “we do website and email” boxes. Not every agency has someone like Annemarie Crivelli.

Before joining Cambridge BioMarketing (CB), Annemarie cut her iTeeth implementing and turning cutting-edge interactive experiences into campaigns for the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ford, and Samsung, to name a few. In her previous roles, Annemarie’s talents in production and as a producer have helped artists and organizations land Emmys, Academy Awards, and American Music Awards. But it’s not just about what’s cool—it’s about what’s relevant.

“Understanding technology has limited value,” explains Chris Feifer, Associate Creative Director at CB. “The true value of technology is understanding how it can inform and inspire the people who use it. Annemarie thinks of people first and then decides which technologies to implement to best serve our audience.”

As an example, for Horizon, CB created a VR booth experience simulating the effects of high ammonia, as well as creating Rare in Common, a documentary about families living with rare diseases, and its companion podcast series—both of which Annemarie was instrumental in realizing and producing. Not to mention the award-winning website, app, and social campaign created for Intercept and the primary biliary cirrhosis community.

According to Sam Falsetti, Director of Medical and Innovation at CB, “Leading and nurturing digital at CB within our multidisciplinary team environment is critical to our success.”

Under Annemarie’s charge, digital services at CB have grown far beyond strategy, from digital production to experience design to machine learning to data science and everything in-between. Annemarie has grown the department into a well-staffed and diverse digital team that is helping differentiate CB from all the other agencies checking off the digital box.


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