ELITE 2018 Sales MVP Amy Pamus of Carling Communications

Amy Pamus

Senior Vice President, Client Services

Carling Communications

Astronomical Sales Growth

Agency growth is fueled by a variety of factors: Business development, expanded product or service offering, and of course, organic growth. The later, generally happens when an extremely satisfied client recognizes the value your agency brings to their business and chooses to give you more work.

If only there was a recipe one could follow to spur organic growth—wouldn’t every agency be pleased! Well, Carling Communications doesn’t have a recipe as much as a secret ingredient. Her name is Amy Pamus.

Amy joined Carling in June 2013 as Vice President, Client Services. She immediately began managing existing clients, delving into their business objectives, and understanding their brand(s) goals. Amy listens closely to her clients—a skill you would presume every client service professional should do well. But for Amy, it isn’t as much of a skill as it is an intuition.

Amy believes that strong customer service is about understanding your client and then proactively helping them overcome their business challenges and meet their business needs. Amy will tell you that her job—and that of her team—is to be a true extension of the client’s marketing team. She consistency believes in pressure testing strategic choices to ensure that a brand is set up for success, regardless of whether it is just coming to market or in its late lifecycle.

Starting with one small dermatology brand in 2015, Amy ensured that her team developed initiatives that were on strategy and met the client’s needs. The success of these initial projects led to more work and ultimately, to becoming the agency of record for a large portfolio of business. And since Amy is so good at listening, when one client expressed dissatisfaction over his brand’s current website, which had been developed by another agency, Amy asked for the opportunity to present him with new thinking. The newly launched website is now aligned with the overall brand strategy, and the client couldn’t be more pleased.

Amy has successfully grown the number of brands she manages for her pharmaceutical client, increasing agency revenue by an astronomical 1652% in three years. Those are the numbers of a true Sales MVP.


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