2020 Pharma Choice Professional Website Gold Winner Elevate Healthcare and Recordati Rare Diseases

Elevate Healthcare and Recordati Rare Diseases

Help Settle the Storm

The SIGNIFOR LAR professional website draws endocrinologists’ attention through an emotional play on their goal to Help Settle the Storm of excess cortisol that endangers patients’ lives. The dramatic brain cave hero image and colorful, oversized icons are leveraged to keep viewers’ attention rapt as they traverse the site.

Top row (left to right): Scott Harper, Tara Powers, and Ryan Dollinger. Middle row (left to right): Frank X. Powers, David Marks, and Jenna Logan. Bottom row (left to right): Lexi Sers and Steven Goldstein.

Elevate Healthcare Team:

Scott Harper, VP, Client Engagement
Tara Powers, VP, Creative Director, Art
Ryan Dollinger, Supervisor, Client Engagement
Frank X. Powers, Managing Partner
David Marks, VP, Medical Director
Jenna Logan, Assistant Manager, Client Delivery
Lexi Sers, Sr. Graphic Designer
Steven Goldstein, Creative Director, Copy


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