2020 Pharma Choice Professional Website Silver Winner Magic Lamp, WiredIn, Fiaschetti Communications, and Saama Technologies

Magic Lamp, WiredIn, Fiaschetti Communications, and Saama Technologies

The Refreshed and Integrated 2020 Saama Technologies Website

Saama Technologies aimed to strategically integrate the best of two company websites by refreshing and relaunching saama.com following its acquisition of Comprehend Systems to forge and ensure a consistent and compelling brand identity for the newly integrated company that facilitates optimal user experience and supports the sale of Saama and Comprehend products.

Saama Technologies Team:

Gregory T. Simpson, Vice President, Head of Marketing
Nick Pham, Marketing Director
Ed Sweet, Senior Content Writer

WiredIn Team:

Jules Meyer, President

Fiaschetti Communications Team:

Patricia Fiaschetti, President

Magic Lamp Team:

Jason Robinson, President
John Wenninger, Engineering Director
Maven Wenninger, Web Producer
Joshua Norvelle, Senior Web Developer
Hayden Erwin, Content Wrangler


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