2020 Pharma Choice Professional Print Campaign Silver Winner Elevate Healthcare and Recordati Rare Diseases

Elevate Healthcare and Recordati Rare Diseases

Help Settle the Storm

Cushing’s disease patients endure a storm of hormonal imbalance that wreaks havoc on their lives. The SIGNIFOR LAR team chose to address HCPs’ desire to help patients escape this dangerous storm of excess cortisol by targeting the unrelenting, hormone-producing tumor within the pituitary gland at the base of the brain.

Elevate Healthcare Team:

Scott Harper, VP, Client Engagement
Tara Powers, VP, Creative Director, Art
Ryan Dollinger, Supervisor, Client Engagement
Frank X. Powers, Managing Partner
David Marks, VP, Medical Director
Jenna Logan, Assistant Manager, Client Delivery
Lexi Sers, Sr. Graphic Designer
Steven Goldstein, Creative Director, Copy


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