2013 PM360 Pharma Choice Winners

Here they are: The most unforgettable, innovative, imaginative and jealousy-inducing healthcare campaigns of the past year as determined by you. Once again we asked the industry to go online and vote on the year’s best ads in 10 categories: Professional Campaign, Consumer and Professional Websites, Unbranded, Sales Aid, App, Print and Digital Self-Promotion, Video and DTC/DTP. More than 5,000 votes were cast to select our 30 winners with a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner in each category. On the following tabs we showcase the winning campaigns along with the creative team behind them and a short description of their creative process.

This year’s Pharma Choice Awards attracted a record number of entries with more than 200 overall and each category well represented. So more than ever, these campaigns proved their ability to attract attention in the information-saturated healthcare environment where the pool of competition only seems to keep getting larger. Even better: These campaigns were chosen by their peers (including their competition) and all of the winners should take pride in that fact. It was the very people who dedicate their careers to devising healthcare creative who decided that these campaigns are worth special recognition.

We know we are proud to honor the very best in healthcare advertising. Congratulations to all of our Pharma Choice winners!

Professional Campaign

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: The Access Group
Silver Winner: Brandkarma
Bronze Winner: Concentric Health Experience

Gold Winner: The Access Group


Pradaxa Coverage and Affordability Campaign

Making sure providers and office staff are aware of the excellent coverage that  Pradaxa has, the Access Group developed the Coverage and Affordability campaign, “Pradaxa has them covered” for use across all channels of business. This successful campaign correctly positioned Pradaxa as an oral anticoagulant with excellent coverage and co-pay offset tools.

Account Services: Seth Gordon, Melissa Pierre-Louis, Cristina Szelingowski, Dayna Graziano
Market Analytics: Julie Glover
Copy: Sandy Buck
Art: Cory Myers, Diana Pecoraro
Studio: Glenn Gwiazda
Editorial: Amy Knierim
Production: Declan Cunningham
Operations: Jessica Kalbach
Project Management: Richard Imrith

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CLIENT TEAM: Jalpa Patel, Paul Wizda

Silver Winner: Brandkarma


Axona “Quench the need”

Axona is a medical food that addresses diminished cerebral glucose metabolism (DCGM), a crucial aspect of Alzheimer’s disease that leaves the brain thirsty for energy. This attention-grabbing advertisement quickly communicates how Axona addresses DCGM, providing the energy the brain needs in a drink formulation.

Creative Director, Copy: Dorene Weisenstein Ribotsky
Creative Director, Art: Levy Valverdi, Paul Correia
Copywriter: Kat Leaver
Art Director: Jim Quickstad, Lindsey Trella
Account Supervisor: Ryan Nibouar
Account team: Jami Crabtree, Talia Hubbard

Client: Accera, Inc.
Product Manager: Joe Jerkovich, Courtney Settle
Artist, Photographer, Animator: Hybrid Medical Animation

Bronze Winner: Concentric Health Experience


Looms Large

Our creative objective was to depict a “Vibativ situation.” In research, physicians would say, “…you can tell by looking at them [patients] that they’re going to fail on vanco.” Often, this means the patient is right for Vibativ. This campaign positions the brand in the mind of a busy customer.

ECD: Adam Cohen
CD Copy: Kelly Wilson
CD Art: Christa Moeller
Group Account Supervisor: Bethany Sardinha
Client: Theravance

Professional Website

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Klick Health
Silver Winner: Sudler & Hennessey
Bronze Winner: Group DCA

Gold Winner: Klick Health


AMPYRA HCP Website Redesign

The challenge? Redesign the AMPYRA physician site to ensure HCPs remain highly engaged with AMPYRA. The answer? A site that brought to life the idea that when physicians think MS they also need to think about walking difficulties—and therefore AMPYRA. The redesign made use of medical imagery (CT scan) and bold, colorful design to resonate with physicians and gain mindshare.

Account Director: Harshan Abeyagoonasekera
Senior Project Manager: Karl Oanes
Associate Creative Director: Marc Genesee
Art Director: Maria Taishidler
Client: Acorda Therapeutics

Silver Winner: Sudler & Hennessey


Ferring Fertility Professional Website

The HCP creative concept for FerringFertility.com was developed to connect the science behind Ferring fertility products with the emotional end result: A healthy baby. Scientific visuals are paired with aesthetically similar “family” images for an overall theme that is emblematic of the rational and emotional reasons to prescribe Ferring products.

Creative Director: Megan Mallie
ACD of Art: Jerry Dietl
ACD of Copy: Laura Tozzo
Copywriter: Sarah Guest
Art Director: Tina Brancaccio
Art Director: Intan Trenggana
Senior Account Supervisor: Lisa Russo
Account Group Supervisor: Martha Simpson
Account Supervisor: Jennifer Accumanno
Client: Ferring Pharmaceutical

Bronze Winner: Group DCA


The Medical Bag

TheMedicalBag.com was created to stand out from among the clutter of websites devoted to healthcare professionals by making it quirky, offbeat and fun. Most healthcare sites look and sound the same, with heavy clinical content, so we created content of interest to the industry that’s highly entertaining.

Copywriters: Frank Roes, Jonathan Rogan, Kevin Genovario
Creative Director: Brandie Linfante
Designers: Andrew Kim, Gabriel Gullbergh, Trish Moodie
Online Marketing Manager: Mike Vierzchalek

Consumer Website

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: AbelsonTaylor
Silver Winner: Intouch Solutions, Inc.
Bronze Winner: Publicis Healthcare Communications Group

Gold Winner: AbelsonTaylor



In a crowded market, Dexilant.com needed to capture attention immediately in order to improve consumer understanding of Dexilant’s differentiating benefits. AbelsonTaylor used a combination of 23 highly engaging, video-driven interactions to deliver customized and relevant experiences to each visitor based on a range of external media drivers and messages.

Creative Director: Tristen George
Associate Creative Director, Art: Leo Kosir
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Joshua Shehab
Senior Art Director: Richard How
Senior Copywriter: Hillary Accarizzi
Art Director: Jennifer von Glahn
Associate Art Director: Chris Paluch
Associate Copywriter: Tarah Sperando
Manager, UX: Kurt Pennypacker
Associate UX Designer: Sam Baker
Senior Front End Developer: Chris Mauck
Senior Interactive Producer: Adam Clark
Client: Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

Silver Winner: Intouch Solutions, Inc.


The minds behind the journey (left to right). Front: Paige Baraban, Jeff MacFarland, Sarah Epsteina and Dusty Fann. Back: Craig Johnston, Jeremy West, Paige Carrier and Clint Helfers.

PillCam SB for Crohn’s PillCamCrohns.com

How do you inspire Crohn’s patients to ask about a new technology that could shed light on their condition? Give them an illuminating experience. PillCam SB’s website simulates the high-tech camera capsule’s journey through the human GI tract—and builds a personalized doctor discussion guide along the way.

Creative Director: Jeff MacFarland
Associate Creative Director: Craig Johnston
Interactive Copywriter: Sarah Epstein
Director of Frontend Development: Jeremy West
Interactive Video Producer: Dusty Fann
Developer: Clint Helfers
Account Director: Paige Baraban
Account Manager: Paige Carrier

Client: Given Imaging, Ltd.
Global Director Marketing Communications: Daniel Denofsky
VP Global Marketing: Jonathan Huber
Global Marketing Manager: Kattrina Richardson

Bronze Winner: Publicis Healthcare Communications Group


Auvi-Q Branded Consumer Website

Auvi-Q is a breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector design. So we created a website that not only showcased the product and brand’s value proposition in a unique way, but also included lots of tools and resources tailored to help our patient and caregiver audiences manage the condition.

VP/Director, Marketing: Janeen Abdelnour
Managing Director: Graham Mills
Executive Creative Director: Jacqueline Nolan
VP/Group Director, Creative: Jeromie Misenheimer
Client: Sanofi US


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Intouch Solutions, Inc.
Silver Winner: H4B Chelsea
Bronze Winner: Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks

Gold Winner: Intouch Solutions, Inc.


Novocure, NovoTTF Therapy Patient Campaign

The consumer campaign for a groundbreaking oncology device demanded a campaign that was, in a word, hopeful. Born from a true meeting of the minds between client and agency, the “Cancer Therapy: Meet My Life” campaign shows patients as heroes—active participants in both their cancer treatment and their life.

Executive Vice President: Angela Tenuta
Creative Director: Michelle Comparetti-Ziekert
Associate Creative Director: Chris Boyer
Art Director: Brittany Ekdahl
Senior Copywriter: Kathy Walden
Group Account Director: Kelly McCoy
Account Supervisor: Catherine George
Account Manager: Julie Niggle
Production Manager: Heidi Ludvik

Client: Novocure
Chief Commercial Officer: Peter Melnyk
U.S. General Manager: Pritesh Shah
Associate Director of Marketing: Chrissy Gaul
Director, Business Operations and Communications: Tracey Hanover
Senior Product Manager: Melissa Payer

Silver Winner: H4B Chelsea


Bedtime Choices

Our target audience consistently sleeps in their contact lenses without apologies, making them optimal for Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contact lenses, which are approved for 30 days of continuous wear. We embraced the unique individuality of these “chronic contact lens sleepers” and focused on the idea that they can wear whatever they want to bed, even their contacts.

Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director: Christian Bauman
Managing Director: Michael Peto
Executive Creative Director: Sung Rno
Executive Creative Director: Julian Molesso
Director of Client Services: Michael McNamara
VP, Associate Creative Director: Gabe Capone
VP, Associate Creative Director: Jason Pacheco
VP, Management Supervisor: Andrea Conigliaro
VP, Account Planner: Christopher Schnurman
Group Copy Supervisor: Victoria Klaynman
Account Supervisor: Chris Flores
Senior Account Executive: Pauline Tastenhoye
Art Supervisor: Joe Catena
Client: Alcon

Bronze Winner: Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks



 Amitiza Solutions at the Shelf Dispenser

By appealing to users of over-the-counter treatments and sufferers of chronic constipation in the laxative/fiber supplement section of the pharmacy, Amitiza encouraged potential patients to take an insert from dispensers to learn about the brand. The program helped to educate patients and stimulate a doctor-patient dialogue. The campaign resulted in significant TRx volume increases.

Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks Team:
Executive Director, Sales: Curt Meyer

Clients: Sucampo and Takeda
Brand Director, Amitiza: Lina Nudera
Sr. Product Manager, Amitiza: Kelly Whittenbarger


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Vogel Farina, LLC
Silver Winner: The Access Group
Bronze Winner: Concentric Health Experience

Gold Winner: Vogel Farina, LLC


Empowering The Immune System To Fight Cancer

A campaign created to educate oncologists and urologists on the unique, essential role immunotherapy plays in cancer treatment. Each ad explains an important way in which immunotherapy empowers the immune system, supported by a forceful graphic of key immune cells morphing into a fist.

Creative Director, Art: Tom Browne
Creative Directors, Copy: Melissa Cahill, Chuck DeMarco
Art Director: Pam Voris
Production: Jim Saccento
Copywriter: Patricia Bing-Grant
Account Management: Maha Elashri, Lisa DeNivo

Client: Dendreon Corporation
CLIENT TEAM: Bill Jenkinson, Chris Horvath, Ari Maizel

Silver Winner: The Access Group


Understanding Cystic Fibrosis

The creative concept of the brochure depicts the white tassels of the dandelion seeds being carried by the wind. This symbolic portrayal of the far-reaching effects of cystic fibrosis (CF) serves as a metaphor for the disease. While CF is classically understood as a disease of the lungs, it can impact multiple organ systems.

Account Services: Seth Gordon, Anindita Banerjee
Clinical: Bindi Shah, MD
Copy: Sandy Buck
Art: Diana Pecoraro, Cory Myers
Studio: Jeff Slater, Bill Nepton
Editorial: Howard Wolfson
Production: Declan Cunningham
Operations: Jessica Kalbach
Project Management: Rich Imrith

Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CLIENT TEAM: Ellen Cappellino

Bronze Winner: Concentric Health Experience


Take a Stand

Our creative objective was to launch Ferring into the crowded gastro space as a leader with a strong mission. CRC Awareness Month was a great opportunity to kick off this bold, multi-channel campaign to create patient awareness, encourage patient advocacy and drive colonoscopy appointments at the physician office.

ECD: Adam Cohen
CD Copy: Kelly Wilson
CD Art: Christa Moeller
Copywriter: Tim Reynolds
Art Director: John Hsing
Account Supervisor: Annette Leopold
Client: Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Self-Promotion (Digital)

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Klick Health
Silver Winner: GSW
Bronze Winner: McCann Torre Lazur

Gold Winner: Klick Health


Klick Careers

With a growing need for highly talented and motivated individuals, the Klick Health careers page was designed to grab the attention of potential hires. The website’s focus was to convey the unique culture present at Klick; prospective employees are walked through the core benefits that make Klick an invigorating workplace.

Managing Director: Jay Goldman
Director, Culture and Engagement: Chelsea MacDonald
Art Director: Mike Kotevich

Silver Winner: GSW


“Speak People” Brand Video

Healthcare and humans are missing each other. While both are capable of amazing things, too often and on too many levels, they’re not connecting. This video was created to share our point of view and commitment to make a real difference in healthcare. We will do it by speaking a language healthcare hasn’t spoken in a long time. We speak people.

Executive Creative Director: Dave Sonderman
Group Creative Director: Scott Morris
Associate Creative Director: Eric Davis
Copywriter: Gary Golden
Director of PR: Dawn Marinacci

Bronze Winner: McCann Torre Lazur


McCann Torre Lazur “Regift the Fruitcake” Holiday Card Campaign

We used a non-traditional holiday gift, a virtual fruitcake. It was sent to each of our clients in an email that invited them to regift the fruitcake to their friends, family and colleagues. The regifting went viral. With every regift, McCann gave a charitable donation to the World Food Programme.

Chief Creative Officer: Marcia Goddard
Art Supervisor: Mark Pfahlert
VP, Director, Design and Imaging: Jonathan Stampf
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Jason Coleman
Account Supervisor: Erin Ilovichny
Interaction Designer: Asaari Karkhanis
VP, Director, Digital Production Services: Scott Sisti
Associate Interactive Developer: Nicholas Moore
Lead Developer: Leonard Tafro

Self-promotion (Print)

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: Dudnyk
Silver Winner: Flashpoint Medica
Bronze Winner: eHealthcare Solutions

Gold Winner: Dudnyk


Nothing is out of reach

The Dudnyk octopus has always stood for transformative creative that comes from deep scientific and strategic insights. In this campaign, the octopus makes short work of boring content by breaking right through the page, creating a unique brand experience that brings the Dudnyk promise to life.

VP, Creative Director – Art: John Kemble
Associate Creative Director – Copy: Michele Mayne
Copy Supervisor: Kristin Morris
Copywriter: Marielle Albanese
Dudnyk Account Supervisor: Ellen Schneider
President: Frank X. Powers

Silver Winner: Flashpoint Medica


Meet Flash Campaign

We wanted to create an icon that reflects Flashpoint’s unique tone and personality. Enter Flash, our Jack Russell terrier, a breed known for its intelligence, curiosity, friendliness and boundless energy. He’s a memorable and engaging symbol of everything Flashpoint would like to be known for.

CEO/Managing Partner: Charlene Prounis
SVP/Creative Director-Copy: Steve Witt
Partner: Helen Appelbaum
EVP/Executive Creative Director: Steve Frederick

Bronze Winner: eHealthcare Solutions


Marketer’s Best Friend

The goal was to raise awareness among agency and brand clients that EHS has the unique ability to engage professional and consumer audiences across multiple digital platforms. We leveraged the power of animals to communicate that the strategic convergence of message, media and audience is what drives maximum brand impact.

EHS Team:
EVP, Sales & Marketing: Robert Carmignani
Director, Digital Solutions & Strategy: Jo Elynn Cook
Marketing Manager: Amy Decker
Creative Partner: DND Creative Services


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: JUICE Pharma Worldwide
Silver Winner: CAHG
Bronze Winner: ICC Lowe

Gold Winner: JUICE Pharma Worldwide


The Vaccine iPad Sales Aid

This resource was created to aid vaccine sales representatives in their personal communications with physicians. Using the iPad program, representatives can nimbly move from one conversation to another while encouraging physician interaction with the screens. This elegant resource supports conversations of varying length and detail and can address different types of audiences.

Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Senior Account Supervisor, etc.: Adam Hawkins, Alec Pollak, Alicia Glueckstein, Andrew Corbin, Andrew Golin, Bridget Ronan, Carin Apter, Cathy Peck, Chris Reese, Colleen McGinn, Debra Strober, Erica Ptohos, Erika Maas, Idris Rashid, Jacquelynn Hann, Jamie Mistretta, Jessica Feinberg, Jessica Smith Housner, Joyce Griggs, Lesley Weiner, Matt Pine, Maymay Quey Lin, Megan Malone, Michael Tannous, Rubab Khan, Sarah Hudnall

Client: Merck & Co., Inc.

Silver Winner: CAHG


Hepatitis C Disease Awareness App

The theme “Bring Your Patients Up to Date About HCV” addresses the gap between category advances and current patient knowledge of HCV. This app illustrates the evolution in HCV disease awareness and treatment—with arresting facts about disease prevalence and modern 3D visuals.

Client: Gilead

Bronze Winner: ICC Lowe


Botox iPad App

Our creative approach for Botox in overactive bladder was to own second-line therapy after oral treatment failure by illustrating the transition from the initial prescription to a Botox procedure. Through simple animation and focused messaging, we drew upon the iPad’s interactivity to heighten HCP awareness and understanding of Botox.

Chief Creative Officer: Chet Moss
Chief Digital Officer: Eugene Lee
Creative Directors: Karan Bredenbeck/Dave Renner
VP, Account Supervisor: Amy Anness
Group Medical Director: Rebecca Riehl, PhD
Project Manager: Charlotte Taquin
Digital: Lauren Wyckoff/Morgan Sun

Clients: Allergan and Botox
Brand Managers: Ripple Kakkar and Lisa Jensen


To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: The CementBloc
Silver Winner: McCann Torre Lazur
Bronze Winner: H4B Catapult

Gold Winner: The CementBloc


Fight for the Fighters

“The Fight for the Fighters” Campaign was developed to showcase Celgene’s commitment to the battle against metastatic breast cancer at the annual Donna Run (a charity event for breast cancer research and care). Real patients donated their time, their stories and most of all, their fight.

SVP, Creative Director, Art: Louis Massaia
VP, Director of Multimedia: Craig Kabrhel
VP, Associate Creative Director, Art: Juan-Carlos Padilla
Senior Art Director: Kein Ziemkiewicz
Art and Video Producer: Robin Daily
Client: Celgene

Silver Winner: McCann Torre Lazur


McCann Torre Lazur’s “Animal Pharm”

For the 2012 Med Ad News Awards Dinner, we had about a week to create approximately a minute of video that captured the creative spirit and quirky sense of humor at McCann Torre Lazur (MTL). The video introduced MTL as nominee for Agency of the Year. Result? Howls of laughter.

Chief Creative Officer: Marcia Goddard
VP, Director, Design and Imaging: Jonathan Stampf
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Joe Brown
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Jason Coleman
VP, Associate Creative Director, Copy: Katharine Imbro
Copy Supervisor: Scott Kraus
VFX/Animation Specialist: Patrick Johnson
Client: McCann Torre Lazur

Bronze Winner: H4B Catapult


Cambia “Boom Done” Campaign Animation

Changing its focus from neurologists to primary care physicians, the Cambia “BOOM DONE” campaign breaks through the clutter of this new PCP space. It differentiates the efficacy of Cambia based on its unique delivery system and shows that Cambia moves patients quickly past their pain and on with their lives.

EVP Creative Director: Peter Villucci
SVP Creative Director: Helen Boak
VP Associate Creative Director Art:  Jerold Fox
Senior Copywriter: Justin Freese
Senior Designer: Pete Samek
Animator: Jeff Holewski
SVP Management Supervisor: Steven Kreshover
Client: Nautilus Neurosciences

Sales Aid

To go right to one of our winners, click on their link below:

Gold Winner: MD On-Line
Silver Winner: AbelsonTaylor
Bronze Winner: Dudnyk

Gold Winner: MD On-Line


When a Little Cough and Congestion Is a Big Problem…

Bromfed DM market expansion in 2013 called for a more robust detail piece that would appeal to audiences beyond the established pediatric targets. With two covers, and their reciprocating back pages, the need was met, giving the Bromfed DM sales team one tool to approach all target audiences.

Chief Commercial Officer: Jeff Meehan
Creative Director: Pete McCormick
Senior Art Director: David Rheinhardt
Studio Manager: JoAnna Crowley
Photographer: Steve Crandall
Senior Copywriter: Kathleen Krafton
Account Manager: Janine Stryker
Senior Project Manager: Jill Mandura
Senior Project Coordinator: Carin Caselli

Client: Wockhardt USA, LLC
AVP Sales & Marketing: Andrew J. Watson

Silver Winner: AbelsonTaylor


Santyl Debridement Sales Aid

Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics and AbelsonTaylor developed the street sweeper campaign to quickly show that Santyl cleans necrotic debris from wounds, without damaging healthy tissue. This iconic campaign communicates product benefits in a context relevant to different audiences, each with different needs from an enzymatic debridement agent.

Vice President – Account Director: Allan Mills
Account Director: Nick Rambke
Senior Account Executive: Jennifer Cottrell

Creative Director: Barry Levine
Creative Director – Associate Copy: Jonathan Davila
Creative Director – Associate Art: Rick Conrad
Senior Art Director: Erika Snell

Client: Smith & Nephew Biotherapeutics
Vice President, Marketing: Marcus Girolamo
Director, Product Marketing: Collin Hadley
Senior Product Manager Marketing: Shawn Bowman

Bronze Winner: Dudnyk


Decode the Red Eye

The campaign clearly telegraphs the value of this new, in-office immunoassay for eye care professionals. Simple, bold artwork grabs attention, and the streamlined messaging sets up the problem—the lack of diagnostic evidence—and provides the solution with AdenoPlus. Like reading a bar code, AdenoPlus is accurate, simple and fast.

VP, Creative Director – Copy: Laurie Bartolomeo
VP, Creative Director – Art: John Kemble
VP, Account Director: Scott Harper
Copywriter: Marielle Albanese
Associate Art Director: Carrie Reed
Senior Account Executive: Kimberly Cosenza
Client: Jason Menzo, Nicox Ophthalmic Diagnostics


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