What Is Great Creative in 2021?

Every March, we present our Greatest Creators. In this special section, you will find our annual Showcase of healthcare creative campaigns picked by our staff out of submissions that come from across the industry. Campaigns we personally felt deserved to be called great, whether that was because of stunning visuals, a unique approach, impressive results, or just because they made us feel something. But our definition of great and others’ definitions can certainly be different—and for marketers, in particular, it is always changing.

It may depend on what each individual marketer values, the goals of the campaign, the audience a marketer is trying to reach, the state of the industry, and even the state of the world. And as you are well aware, the world has changed a lot in the past year. Yes, it’s now officially been a year since COVID-19 hit the U.S. and forced us into our new way of life. For marketers, it has also forced them to reevaluate how they should engage audiences at this time and once again rethink what makes a campaign great.

To see actual examples of what a great campaign looks like in the age of COVID, click here to see our readers’ picks of their favorites from any industry. And if you are curious how the cultural shifts that we saw in 2020 will impact marketing, then go here. Or if you need to know how to better optimize your marketing spend and determine which channels are worth prioritizing this year, then our Think Tank is for you. But if you are more interested in the opportunities for marketers specifically within streaming channels, then click here.

The good news is our author, Arda Ural, PhD of EY, expects this year to be “A ‘Tale of Two Cities’ for the Pharma Industry.” By that he means we may still be in for some rough times in the early parts of the year, but he sees many reasons for optimism for this industry in the second half of 2021. And frankly, so do we.

That’s why we are excited to announce a new competition—Pharma’s Got Talent! We want to help make 2021 a year filled with joy, and we could think of no better way than allowing people to showcase all of their wonderful and weird talents. So, show us what you got!


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