ELITE 2020 Digital Crusader Damon A. Tutulic of SOUND Healthcare Communications

Damon A. Tutulic

Director of Digital Experience

SOUND Healthcare Communications

Forging Digital Paths to the Future

Damon A. Tutulic has accumulated a career’s worth of experience, having spent significant time at a handful of the industry’s leading agencies. He has unequivocally dedicated his career to unlocking value from emerging digital channels to help pharma manufacturers and brands capitalize on engagement opportunities. Having spent a wealth of time operating across a range of client disciplines and disease states, he has gained invaluable perspective and a very deep understanding of the digital health landscape, which he is disrupting and advancing.

Currently the Director of Digital Experience at SOUND Healthcare, Damon is charged with working across the agency’s portfolio of clients, leading the digital transformation of both personal and non-personal promotion. As an ambitious leader, operating within a nimble and strategic agency, he continuously grabs hold of the opportunity to be an agent of innovation for his peers and clients. On a daily basis, Damon is tapped to help colleagues and clients better understand the nuances of a range of digital tools and opportunities so that collective strategies and tactics can be refined and optimized accordingly. This means that his knowledge base is vast and experience varied, which is invaluable in the ever-changing landscape that is digital healthcare marketing, promotion, and education.

In just the past year, Damon has successfully spearheaded the deployment of a range of cutting-edge digital strategies. Recently, he partnered with Confideo Labs to help his agency pioneer a series of innovative augmented reality tactics for a leading client. Damon guided the account, creative, technology, and implementation processes effectively and efficiently, all while providing his client with confidence. He was integral to the very successful rollout of their first-ever AR program. His work speaks for itself: Damon is a strategic, digital crusader who is cementing his value at SOUND Healthcare Communications and across our industry. For his reputation and impeccable track record, Damon is a leader of the future in the digital space.


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