Time for a Change!

For some time now, pharma has been living with enormous uncertainty—and rapid change. Uncertainty isn’t comfortable and the rapidity of change can leave marketers scrambling—but both have benefits. They can push the industry to investigate new ways of doing things. It can be fertile ground for innovation—in technology, patient care, and branding.

In our cover story, Surviving Market Volatility, author Georgette Pascale says, “In a pharmaceutical industry that’s constantly changing, branding has never been more important.” Keeping up with change translates to being proactive. It’s about rebranding in a competitive marketplace to keep your brand strong no matter what affects the healthcare industry.

But marketers are not alone. Pharma and medical device companies must embrace big change to plan for long-term commercial success (see article). “The change in number and types of stakeholders the industry must now consider in its commercialization process is staggering,” says author Greg Flynn, “yet if it fails to address each, it risks losses that it can’t afford.” Flynn offers an in-depth look at the key trends creating pressure on biopharmaceutical companies and how to manage them.

Speaking of moving forward, Personalized Medicine is rapidly advancing—expect disruption. Physicians are eager to use tools to provide the right medication for the right person—and it will put doctors back in the driver’s seat.

And our Greatest Creators special supplement not only includes the best work done by agencies in the past year, but also features marketer’s original, thought-provoking artwork. This year, the original artwork of Emma Rose Reichert, Senior Art Director, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, the winner of our annual, one-of-a-kind competition, adorns the cover. Emma was our choice among 100-plus submissions. We will also launch a site this month so you can pick your favorite original art cover submissions. The winner will be featured in a future issue.

Also, watch for our May issue. We celebrate our ELITE Award winners, the Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Innovators, and Transformers—the folks who push the industry forward. You’ll want to meet with them, and you can at a special celebratory networking event on July 10th at 230 FIFTH in NYC.


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