The New Flagship Smartphones Have Arrived

Autumn. It’s the time of year defined by the changing color of the leaves, the arrival of cooler temperatures and of course, the availability of the latest flagship smartphones from the top tech companies. With Christmas right around the corner, companies are eager to debut their latest devices, and this year’s crop of smartphones each offer something a little extra. So, hopefully you are in line for a new phone.

Samsung: All the Way to the Edge


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge+ ($299 and up) has a brilliant 5.7–inch Quad HD display that actually wraps around the edges of the phone to provide a little extra screen real estate. The edge also acts as a shortcut to your most used contacts and apps, and a discreet light-up notification will also appear on the screen’s edge when you receive a text or call. Additionally, the phone’s adaptive display adjusts to light, making documents, images and videos more viewable—even when you have to deal with bright sunlight.

LG: Double the Screen, Double the Productivity


LG is introducing its first ever smartphone with a second screen. The new V10 (price not available at press time) features an inset screen right above the phone’s main 5.7-inch QHD IPS Quantum Display that works independently of the main screen and can be set to “always on” without impacting battery life. When the main display is off, the second screen will display weather, time, date and a battery icon, but when the big screen is on, the second screen can be used for shortcuts such as launching apps or viewing text or call notifications.

Apple: A Whole New iPhone


As Apple’s website for its new iPhone 6s ($199 and up) and iPhone 6s Plus ($299 and up) declares: “The only thing that’s changed is everything.” For instance, 3D Touch senses how hard you press on the screen allowing for more options such as lightly pressing to just preview your emails before opening them. The camera has also undergone significant changes. The screen is now a flash for improved selfies, plus Live Photos bring your images to, well, life by also capturing the moments just before and after you take the picture to animate the image when clicked on.

TRI: The Ultimate Secure Smartphone


Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) is releasing a new breed of smartphones focused on security. By executing end-to-end mobile authentication the phone bypasses conventional third-party exposures and insulates the phone from malicious behavior. Furthermore, decentralized authentication allows users to safely exchange sensitive data such as credit card information, travel itineraries and private conversations. The phone’s exterior is also extra strong, thanks to Liquidmorphium, an amorphous “liquid metal” alloy tougher than either titanium or steel. The flagship Dark Wyvern ($779 – $999) is now available for pre-order.

Motorola: Any Way You Want


Consumers always love choices and Motorola is providing plenty with the Moto X Pure Edition ($399 and up). The smartphone is available unlocked, which means it works on any carrier so you can chose the plan that works best for you. You also dictate the phone’s style, including its back with options ranging from soft-grip to premium leather from Horween to real wood harvested from responsibly managed forests. Features such as Moto Assist recognize when you are in the car, at work or at home and adapts to best serve where you are.


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