PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Self-promotion Silver Winner AbelsonTaylor

Return On Imagination Branding Campaign (AbelsonTaylor)

AbelsonTaylor’s rebranding campaign focuses on the long-term success of client business interests with the new tagline, “Delivering a Return On Imagination.” The message encapsulates the role of creativity—and measurable business results—that the agency works to achieve.

A series of print and display ads ask readers, “What do you get when every discipline within an agency dreams up imaginative ways to transform your brand and drive measurable market results?” The answer? “Return On Imagination.”

Other rebranding elements include a new corporate identity, refreshed social media, and website. All were developed in-house by Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director, Jody Van Swearingen and her team.

The new logo features “A” and “T” in an upward-pointing arrow that resembles an artist’s easel. Retro yet contemporary, it powerfully conveys AbelsonTaylor’s understanding of the business of creativity as well as the creativity of business.


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