PM360 2022 Trailblazer Awards Patient/Consumer Education Gold Winner BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. and GSW-LA, Powered by Syneos Health

Rising Love (BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. and GSW-LA, Powered by Syneos Health)

Achondroplasia is rare, but for kids with dwarfism it can be even rarer to find media that authentically represents who they really are, while also helping them understand growing up in a world full of average-stature people.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical needed to create something educational, entertaining, and inspirational that would resonate with children. When the team at GSW-LA identified this project’s potential, they collaborated with patient advocacy groups, consultants, and real families to build a universe that celebrates humanity as much as it educates about achondroplasia: Rising Love.

Rising Love is a children’s book that teaches kids about achondroplasia, co-created with the achondroplasia community—it helps explain bone growth through handcrafted art, giving kids an interesting, engaging tool they can share with everyone in their lives.

The story follows four unique families, each living with achondroplasia in some way, as they prepare for their local bread festival. Through the analogy of rising dough, protagonists explore the ingredients that make them special, while celebrating what also makes everyone different. The book highlights true-to-life characters with achondroplasia and the various adaptations their families work through.

Easily accessible online, anyone can explore the world of Rising Love, complete with beautiful illustrations, a reader’s companion, interactive digital resources, a video read-a-long, and even bread recipes from the book.

Live virtual book readings of Rising Love’s relatable story have been well received and are helping families to educate their communities about the impact achondroplasia has on bone growth, all while celebrating the things that make each of us unique.


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