PM360 2022 Innovative Startup conversationHEALTH


Contact Person:
Peter Kane, Head of Growth Marketing

conversationHEALTH, part of Real Chemistry, delivers AI-driven virtual experiences for healthcare and life sciences. The company’s goal is to provide patients and HCPs with an avenue to engage with life sciences companies in a way that is more convenient and less restrictive than other options currently available: websites are often difficult to navigate and lack a proper search function or interactive capabilities; click-to-chat services offer limited hours of availability and long wait times; and button-driven chatbots can create basic, ignorant, and repellent encounters.

conversationHEALTH’s SaaS platform uses conversational AI (cAI) to deliver a new standard of engagement that better serves patients and HCPs during their moment of need, at scale. What separates conversationHEALTH from other conversational AI is its underlying healthcare and life sciences taxonomy. Built by industry for industry, conversationHEALTH’s cAI agents are developed from over 170 brand engagements and more than one billion conversational signals across 45 therapeutic areas.

conversationHEALTH’s cAI agents provide digital-first, on-demand push/pull conversations covering conditions, diagnostics, therapies, side effects, and “beyond the pill” services. For HCPs, functionality is furthered to include self-service offerings such as remote detailing, field alerts, sample ordering, and escalation to a sales representative or MSL. Users can ask the conversational AI agent exactly what they need and, powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it answers them dynamically and compliantly with the efficiency and accuracy of a human.

Typical results for clients that utilize conversationHEALTH’s cAI include a 7% average script lift for each field representative, 20x return on investment in the first year, 67% increase in return visitors, 11-minute average discussion session, and a 205% boost in content downloads.


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