PM360 2022 Innovative Startup Cellarity


Contact Person:
Jessica Kachadourian, Head of Business Operations

Cellarity is named for the company’s complete focus on the cell and its mission is to fundamentally redesign the way drugs are created.

To create medicines, Cellarity looks beyond individual molecular targets and instead focuses on the whole cell. The company uses single-cell technologies to identify cellular drivers during the transition from health to disease and applies proprietary deep learning models to create drugs that reverse disease at the level of the cell. Cellarity has developed unique capabilities to link biology and chemistry with high-dimensional, transcriptomic data to design medicines against the cellular signature of the disease. The Cellarity platform provides critical insights into cellular dysfunction and reveals new biology that can address a range of diseases, including those which presently lack a known druggable target.

Each of Cellarity’s drug discovery programs differs in complexity of cell type and behavior, and range from diseases with a specific cellular dysfunction found in one cell type—such as sickle cell disease—to diseases with multiple forms of dysfunction across multiple cell types such as metabolic disease. Cellarity’s technology also enables scale, because findings in one program can be used across subsequent programs that share tissue, cell types, or underlying cellular dysfunction. Also, by focusing on the cellular changes that underlie disease instead of a single target, Cellarity’s approach is applicable to virtually any disease

The company currently has programs ongoing in several disease areas including metabolic disease, hematology, and immunology. In less than four years since founding, Cellarity has demonstrated translation to higher species in two programs, illustrating the power of this unique approach to creating drugs. The goal now is to advance the first programs into the clinic.


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