DeepIntent Dives into Streaming TV Ads

DeepIntent and LG Ads Solutions partnered on a new study examining the growth of ad-supported streaming services over the past year.

According to research by DeepIntent and LG Ads Solutions, 64% of connected TV (CTV) watchers prefer to see ads than pay more for content. After surveying more than 2,900 U.S. adults with LG smart televisions and analyzing real-world viewer data, DeepIntent found that people stream more content than they realize. While 96% of surveyors said they watch TV exclusively via cable or satellite box, data showed that only 48% of their viewership actually took place via a cable or satellite box, so over half of the content they view is from CTV without audiences realizing it.

The two findings combined point to the importance of using automated content recognition (ACR) technology to find real-world viewing data when planning, measuring, and optimizing advertising campaigns across both linear and CTV. Acting on its findings, DeepIntent has formed a partnership with LG Ads Solutions unique to the industry, providing them with the real-time ACR data repository that covers more than 30 million LG smart TVs in the U.S.

“For too long, healthcare marketers have struggled to reach relevant audiences at scale. By combining the targeting power of CTV with ACR data, DeepIntent’s patented technology optimizes campaign audience quality and script performance in real time,” said DeepIntent Senior Vice President of Analytics John Mangano. “Consumer research has proven that this combination influences patient outcomes.”

DeepIntent will continue to research what methods best motivate patients to take action after viewing TV ads, with results showing that 42% of people rate the relevance of the pharma ads they see as poor or very poor. However, 30% of people feel pharma ads provide helpful information to someone in their household and 27% have spoken to a doctor about a medical treatment after learning about it through an ad.  Additionally, 57% say CTV ads are more relevant than linear TV ads.

“At DeepIntent, we believe that it’s possible to measurably improve patient outcomes by arming consumers and providers alike with the information they need to know about suitable treatment options,” said Marcella Milliet Sciorra, CMO of DeepIntent. “That is why we continue to invest in research to help healthcare marketers understand what motivates patients toward healthier futures while leading the market with innovations like ACR data to make campaigns easier to plan, manage, and measure.”

CureVac and myNEO Partner in Cancer Vaccine Development

mRNA vaccine powerhouse, CureVac, and cancer-fighting immunotherapies developer, myNEO, are collaborating in research to identify specific antigens found on the surface of tumors for the development of novel mRNA immunotherapies. myNEO offers biological data sets and its integrated machine learning and bioinformatics platform as a means to identifying novel antigen targets that potentially elicit strong immune responses to defined tumor types.

“CureVac is a front-runner in the mRNA technology ecosystem, and its use for the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines has shown great promise,” said Cedric Bogaert, CEO and Co-founder of myNEO. “We’re convinced that combining our innovative neoantigen target identification and selection methods with mRNA technology holds great potential for immuno- therapies, and CureVac was the logical choice for us to further validate this avenue. Supplementing our own developments with this collaboration will allow us to benefit from CureVac’s years of experience and know-how, and to create a significant impact on the immunotherapy domain.”

Antony Blanc, Chief Business Officer and Chief Commercial Officer of CureVac, adds, “myNEO’s state-of-the-art predictive approach to analyze tumor and normal genetic data inputs from multiple sources, perfectly complements our mRNA technology as we advance the development of novel cancer vaccines. Through this collaboration, we prepare to build a strong pipeline in oncology and accelerate growth beyond our progress in prophylactic vaccines.”

The Creative Floor Awards Founder Is Up for a National Diversity Award

Shaheed Peera, Founder of The Creative Floor Awards.

Shaheed Peera, EVP, Global Executive Creative Partner, IPG Health, founded The Creative Floor Awards nine years ago to celebrate the best in healthcare communications creative work globally. The platform raises money (over $150,000 to date) put towards charities that help support those from under-represented backgrounds into the advertising industry. Their aim is to inspire more diversity and untapped talent to break into health and wellness communication agencies. Now, Peera has been nominated for an award himself: the Entrepreneur of Excellence Award (sponsored by Kantar) at The National Diversity Awards 2022.

The U.K.-based awards honor charities, role models, and community heroes that have outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion; thus embracing the excellence of all citizens irrespective of race, faith, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and culture. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on September 16th at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.

Adheris Health Wins Retail Excellence

A MedAdvisor company, Adheris Health provides patient health and wellness engagement solutions. They have now earned the Retail Excellence Award (REX) for Technology & Automation from Drug Store News for their innovation in direct-to-patient engagement. The REX Awards recognizes companies that have made a difference in their respective industries during the last several years, be it with innovative solutions, patient communications, or logistical efficiencies.

“We are focused on transforming and individualizing patient health-and-wellness engagement by empowering people to live healthier,” said John Ciccio, President and CEO of Adheris Health, in a statement. “Our individualized patient engagement plans empower patients for a successful treatment journey and improve outcomes for both patients and key stakeholders, such as brands, retailers, and payers.”

Adheris’ notable innovations include THRiV, an intelligent patient management platform that uses real-time insights to quickly adapt to patient needs and continually adjusts their individualized engagement plan. Ciccio adds, “With alarming statistics such as non-optimized medication therapy costing an estimated $528.4 billion annually and over 275,600 lives, Adheris Health remains driven in its commitment to turning distressing trends like this around, with innovations that will help brands and pharmacies empower patients to live their healthiest lives.”

ArisGlobal Acquires Boehringer Ingelheim’s Signal Analytics Engine

ArisGlobal, the global market leader in drug safety solutions worldwide, acquired Boehringer Ingelheim’s digital innovation, BRASS. The data insights engine will be integrated into ArisGlobal’s technology platform, LifeSphere and be named LifeSphere Clarity, offering advanced pharmacovigilance and patient safety capabilities.

The digital engine leverages automation and artificial intelligence to consolidate patient safety data, reveals possible reasons why things happened, and allows modeling of the possible impact of different influences. This makes it possible to highlight insights that may otherwise be impossible to find without technology.

The LifeSphere platform harnesses the user community’s input to make better automated suggestions on possible causal patterns influencing adverse events. Ultimately, this will give the safety specialist user within a pharmaceutical company the ability to create a more efficient medical benefit-risk analysis.

“BRASS (soon to become LifeSphere Clarity) is a system that can help a pharmaceutical company understand the whole network of how diseases, comorbidities, effects, and side effects of medications, as well as medical events influence each other,” Robert Buchberger, Head of Patient Safety & Pharmacovigilance at Boehringer Ingelheim, said in a statement. “The ambition is to ensure that each patient gets the best and safest therapy option for them, and robust and rapid benefit-risk assessment also helps get the right therapies to patients faster.”


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