PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Sales Aid Winner Boehringer Inhgelheim and Confideo Labs

SPIRIVA RESPIMAT 360 VR MOA Sales Aid (Boehringer Inhgelheim, Confideo Labs)

Boehringer Ingelheim teamed up with Confideo Labs to create a fully immersive and highly visual 360° VR MOA experience to bolster customer engagement and deepen education. The teams combined beautifully rendered visuals with voice-over delivered by a recognizable key opinion leader, and successfully deployed the multichannel initiative across three tactical technology platforms to amortize the content creation and ensure optimal utilization across channels. The comprehensive plan for SPIRIVA RESPIMAT comprised the following deployments: 1) branded portable VR head-mounted displays disseminated to 150+ field representatives; 2) an immersive, native iPad application; and 3) a 360-video asset for use across the broader web ecosystem.

The SPIRIVA RESPIMAT brand team felt strongly that their MOA story would be best delivered by enabling a visceral immersive journey into the lung. The team also commissioned a custom real-time engagement analytics platform from Confideo Labs to corroborate efficacy of the VR headset deployment. The positive results that were achieved immediately corroborated the merits of the campaign and led to further distribution of the immersive experience across iPad and web.

This multichannel tactic proved to be very unique and yielded a compelling opportunity for HCP customers to engage and explore complex content in a way that they hadn’t seen before. Pairing the immersive media with a familiar and trusted voice-over from Dr. Panettieri helped further differentiate this program and brought personality and credibility to the storyline.

Customer engagement was outstanding. One member from the Boehringer Inhgelheim team commented, “Our field force tells us that customers appreciate the immersive media, which translates to deeper engagement and more meaningful discussions. Our customers not only view the content, but also share it with their colleagues within the office during our sales calls.”


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