PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy Icons.Health from AbelsonTaylor



Mitch Apley, VP Director of Broadcast and Print Production  

At conventions and conferences, sometimes the most provocative of ideas come from the humblest of places, when the lights have dimmed, the crowds have cleared, and a passing conversation between two people becomes fertile ground for bigger ideas.

Icons.Health is an online video series that attempts to capture those unexpected, unscripted moments taking place at the intersection of healthcare and technology. From Austin to Cannes, executives from the world’s leading tech companies have exchanged ideas with entrepreneurs from some of the tiniest, scrappiest healthcare startups. Their conversations have produced more than 40 freeform videos that document this emerging, nascent community of health-tech startups and the monoliths of healthcare that court them.

These casual conversations bring two perspectives together and let them exchange ideas, finding out where there might be gaps and discovering where we are all trying to advance in the same direction. The topics range from chatbots to healthcare incentives and have leaders from a range of health and technology backgrounds.

AbelsonTaylor created Icons.Health due to the agency’s passion for discovering what’s new and possible. As the agency itself is about humanizing complex data and turning it into impactful ideas that sometimes go beyond marketing, they wanted to help find the next big area of development in health and wellness. And there is no better way to discover that than by bringing great minds together. Ultimately, Icons.Health is a place for the leading thinkers in health and technology to meet and challenge each other, openly debate, and perhaps even take the category in exciting new directions.


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