PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards Self-Promotion Winner Elevate Healthcare

Welcome to the Jungle (Elevate Healthcare)

Elevate Healthcare’s self-promotion campaign focuses on standing up for healthcare challenger brands—deserving yet underserved brands trying to get ahead in the competitive, highly regulated healthcare marketing environment. Elevate has emerged as champions of biopharma and medical device challenger brands who need to overcome more powerful competitors, market limitations, and internal obstacles on their way to achieving their full potential.

For challenger brands, it’s “a jungle” out there. There are big predatory brands that can strangle challenger brands. There are regulatory, competitive, and even internal tangles everywhere. Challenger brands may not have clinical advantage, first-in leverage, a unique MOA, a breakthrough product profile, or the ability to outspend. But Elevate turns these obstacles into opportunities, differentiating and propelling brands by elevating marketing strategy, creating a narrative of change, and becoming a symbol of positive market disruption.

The “Welcome to the Jungle” campaign plays on the idea that healthcare marketers with challenger brands face specific challenges like having to steal the market leader’s share to survive or needing to take on a huge elephant of a competitor who dominates a market. The elegant yet gritty creative execution is played out thoughtfully in a series of tactical executions in multiple platforms and media—with stunning animal portraits. Elevate even adopts and supports members of species depicted across the campaign.

Recognition of the agency model and message has reached Elevate from industry veterans and clients alike. The ultimate test of an agency’s campaign response lies beyond views to the site, or readership of the ads, but also in inquiries from prospects who can benefit from the expertise. That number rises daily, with double-digit inquiries in the year since the campaign has run, which the agency is converting to business at an impressive rate.


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