PM360 2019 Trailblazer Awards HCP Education Winner AstraZeneca Oncology Diagnostics and Synapse

The BiomARker Experience Augmented Reality Application (AstraZeneca Oncology Diagnostics, Synapse)

Precision medicine is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer, but full utilization can be stymied by delayed, incomplete, or inaccurate biomarker testing. AstraZeneca and Synapse set out to encourage clinicians to optimize their biomarker testing process, with the goal of giving patients the opportunity to receive the best treatment possible.

An analysis of market research findings and physician expert opinion identified the most common stumbling blocks for biomarker testing, which included difficulties in staying up to date in a rapidly evolving field, maintaining communication within the multidisciplinary team, and establishing efficient testing protocols.

Equipped with these findings, the BiomARker App was born.

Harnessing the power of augmented reality technology, this congress engagement app uses striking 3D graphics and videos to review the biomarker testing journey for different tumor types and provide actionable insights in a unique, interactive manner. The sleek, attention-grabbing set-up guides physicians step-by-step through the biomarker testing journey while highlighting key information to help physicians alleviate common obstacles and streamline testing.

Because the target audience consisted of healthcare professionals from several different specialties (oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiologists, pulmonologists, gynecologists, urologists, and nurses), the application was made relevant and engaging for each visitor by customizing the user experience.

The BiomARker Experience was featured at six congresses, engaging thousands of healthcare professionals and facilitating both self-guided and sales representative-driven interactions and discussions.

Because of the extremely positive feedback from attendees, Synapse and AstraZeneca are currently expanding the content and functionality to deploy the application at additional live events.


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