PM360 2019 Innovative Product WellBe from HandsFree Health


HandsFree Health

Kelly Johnston, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Office

HandsFree Health’s goal is developing technology to make it easier for consumers to integrate healthcare into their daily lives. WellBe is a voice assistant created specifically for the healthcare market that will be available straight to consumers and also through employers (as part of their benefits package) and health insurance plans (to members).

It is different than any other voice assistant/new technology in the market because: 1) It is designed specifically with consumer healthcare needs in mind. 2) It is HIPAA-compliant, meaning it adheres to all national standards for protecting sensitive healthcare information. 3) WellBe is available 24/7 to help manage a patient’s or employee’s healthcare by reminding them when to take or refill medications, provide information on copays and deductibles, and notify about upcoming appointments.

WellBe’s voice recognition technology connects all family members, at any time, with healthcare information that is personalized to them. The device also allows people to easily track their health habits and it proactively alerts users with reminders. Among WellBe’s specific functions include reminding people to take medications or use preventive care services, aiming to reduce costs for employers/health plans/consumers. For example, WellBe can remind users to take a pill and if they fail to take the medication, it can notify a caregiver to help avoid a reoccurrence of an event that will lead to more costs. WellBe can also help patients evaluate costs for medical procedures.

HandsFree Health is already working on Phase II of the platform, which includes functionality for patients to take pictures of prescription bottles and have those medications automatically added to the platform.


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