PM360 2018 Innovative Startup OM1


Renee Hurley, Head of Marketing and Communications 

Founded in 2015, by Dr. Richard Gliklich, OM1 leverages big clinical data and artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand, compare, and predict patient outcomes.

OM1’s real-world evidence platform, curated clinical registries, and AI technologies enable clients to accelerate research, measure and benchmark health outcomes, understand clinician behavior, and to personalize patient care in ways previously not possible. The company’s rich clinical data—that includes patient-, provider-, and payer-level information—enables a complete view of how particular conditions are managed, by whom, for whom, and for how long. Detailed information from patient (including non-medical factors) and provider characteristics through treatments to comparative outcomes enables a new level of understanding. As an example, the recently launched OMView RA provides an ongoing view into over 250,000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis being managed with DMARDs.

OM1’s advanced models can also identify patient phenotypes that are likely to develop new diseases, respond differently to treatments, or have complications months to years in advance. For instance, in diabetes and heart failure, the company is finding patient subgroups that will have certain complications or generate much higher costs at five times to 15 times the typical rates. These results both help quantify a population’s risk and identify specific patients for referral to treatment or other interventions.

OM1 also partners with life sciences companies and their healthcare organization customers to improve costs of care. The OM1 Medical Burden Index (OMBI) predicts future healthcare costs with an Area Under the Curve (AUC) of 0.91, outperforming leading industry risk scores. The OMBI is being applied to identify specific patients who are at high risk for overall costs or specific events such as readmission in heart failure where it can generate savings of $14,000 to $18,000 per avoided event.


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