PM360 2018 Innovative Startup OI Infusion Services

OI Infusion Services

Woody Baum, CEO

Today, the hospital outpatient center remains the industry standard care setting for the administration of specialty and biologic pharmaceutical infusions—a cost-inefficient system rife with high drug costs, staggering overhead, and billing inefficiencies. But alternate site-of-care settings are positioned to assume the next, better standard, with untold potential for maximizing patient results, increasing patient retention, and creating new revenue streams for medical practices of all sizes. And OI Infusion Services (OI) is helping to lead the charge of alternate care settings with a turnkey solution that helps HCPs open patient-centric infusion centers within their own practices.

Founded in 2016, OI’s team has opened eight in-office infusion centers in less than 18 months, managing infusion operations for a rapidly growing client roster that includes ConvenientMD, Penobscot Community Health Center, and Mid-State Health Center. Furthermore, OI changes the game by seeing infusion therapy for what it truly is: A golden opportunity to strengthen the bond between doctor and patient and provide a higher level of care. The company works to optimize the patient experience in order to reduce patient stress, promote high levels of trust between the patient and the practitioner, and guarantee the delivery of personalized, one-on-one infusion care.

OI’s in-office infusion centers offer several more benefits including boosting patient compliance. OI’s focus on patient comfort (entertainment suite, privacy, massage chairs); short wait times (auto-scheduling, nurse-patient match, reduced admin requirements); reduced drug and treatment costs; and convenience (location) help to decrease the likelihood of noncompliance. Additionally, these centers offer better continuity of care as the doctor is more immersed in the patient’s treatment, reduced adverse reactions, and ultimately better health outcomes.


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