PM360 2018 Innovative Company Health Union

Health Union

David Shronk, Senior Vice President, Media

Historically, the pharmaceutical industry has been challenged to find, engage, and understand the needs of people living with certain chronic health conditions. Health Union created a solution that continuously brings people living with chronic conditions together through its online health communities, inclusive of social media, and leverages first-party data and proprietary knowledge to generate insights that drive organic interactions and authentic engagement with the audiences that healthcare companies care about most.

The company launched in 2010 and over the past eight years has reproduced the model across an additional 18 chronic condition platforms, including,, and—with six more planned to launch in 2019.

As Health Union creates and cultivates more content-driven communities, it attracts more people and gains a more intimate understanding of the most effective ways to engage them—and this knowledge base is growing in real time. Over the past year:

  • 34,000+ qualified patients or caregivers responded to Health Union’s In America surveys, answering approximately 90 questions about their personal experiences with symptoms, diagnosis, physician engagement, treatment history, and quality of life (3.4 million data points).
  • 550,000 conversations moderated across Health Union’s online communities, including social media pages.
  • 15,000,000+ people visited Health Union’s community websites.

By leveraging this proprietary knowledge base, Health Union makes it easy for healthcare companies to reach and engage the right patients, build smarter and more effective direct-to-consumer programs, and leverage rich insights that keep partners ahead of their competition. Health Union has demonstrated its effectiveness through both soft and hard metrics, including qualified reach, engagement, and audience quality. In fact, Health Union ranks number one in audience quality, as measured by more than 25 third-party media measurement studies.


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