PM360 2018 Innovative Company HealthPrize Technologies

HealthPrize Technologies

Vishal Khanna, Head of Marketing & Communications

The challenge of adherence has been well established, but remains a major problem for pharma. In 2016, CapGemini and HealthPrize estimated that pharma forfeits $637 billion a year to medication non-adherence. While pharma has seen some success in the use of hub services and copay cards, only half of patients with chronic diseases adhere to their prescribed treatment plans.

The HealthPrize platform uses behavioral psychology to deliver client-branded programs that offer engaging, positive experiences that educate and inform patients, and improve medication adherence.

Founded in 2009, HealthPrize has continued to evolve its platform based on interactions with the platform by more than one million enrolled members to become a proven method to improve patient adherence and education. In the past 12 months, HealthPrize has inked seven new client-branded assignments, including an initiative to take the HealthPrize platform to over 50 countries over the next five years.

HealthPrize’s cloud-based patient engagement and adherence platform uses gamification, behavioral economics, and loyalty marketing to help patients understand their disease and treatment plan, take their medications as prescribed, and take control of their own health. In programs developed, launched, and led for half of the world’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers, HealthPrize has delivered mean lifts in adherence of 52% and reductions in gap days between fills of 92%, supporting improved patient outcomes and enhanced revenue.

Furthermore, patients were highly engaged with the platform. On average, enrolled patients visit the platform 4.6 times a week and spend an average of 2.10 minutes per visits. And for one of the platforms developed for a client, 71% of members said they would be “very likely” to recommend the platform to a friend or family member on the same medication.


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