ELITE 2018 Transformational Leader Faruk Capan of Intouch Solutions

Faruk Capan

Founder and CEO

Intouch Solutions

Tech Visionary Promoting Cultural Acceptance

Apple, Google, and Amazon. All were founded by visionaries who started from scratch in their basements or garages and transformed their visions into industry-leading businesses. Intouch Solutions has a similar story. Together with only two employees, Faruk Capan started the agency in 1999—nine years after arriving in the U.S. from Istanbul, Turkey to complete his MBA—in his own basement. Over the course of 19 years, the firm has expanded to include almost 650 employees and five offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York, London, and Mumbai.   

“Faruk has an amazing visionary mind, reading where the industry is headed and investing in ideas before pharma even knows it needs it,” says Intouch Executive Vice President Boris Kushkuley. “He has transformed the way this industry thinks in more ways than one.”

From recognizing the possibilities of the Internet when he founded Intouch, to capitalizing on the iPad boom and social media channels, to recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence, Faruk’s ability to see opportunities where others may not and share his vision with his team is inspiring.

Faruk also understands the importance of giving back. To that end, he is involved in the local Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, inspiring other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams just as he did.

As an immigrant, Faruk knows that diversity of knowledge and experience makes every community stronger, and Intouch’s Forever Welcome initiative is particularly dear to him. The initiative promotes cultural acceptance and shares a message of unity. The idea was born after the Intouch Solutions community was directly impacted by a hate crime that claimed the life of Indian-born Srinvias Kuchibotla, the husband of Intouch employee Sunayana Dumala.

Forever Welcome launched in January 2018 and within three weeks, the message had already reached more than one million people through social media and news coverage; it has been covered by BuzzFeed News, Huffington Post, NBC, NPR, Fox, and others.

“This country has given me the freedom to pursue and achieve my dreams,” Faruk says. “And over the years, I’ve tried to provide that opportunity for everyone who wants to join me on this incredible adventure.”


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