It Takes Flexibility to Win

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into creating a comprehensive marketing plan, something that is often put together in a matter of weeks and within an ever-shifting marketing environment. But although that plan is a marketer’s most important guideline, and the best plans are still set on the same traditional foundations, today they are not exactly set in stone. In fact, a better plan takes the need for flexibility into account.

“The idea is, if you look at your marketing plan like a roadmap, when the landscape of opportunity changes, you don’t have to throw out the whole map, just change the direction,” explains author Scott Harper in our feature, Build a Comprehensive Marketing Plan. For pharma, this is not yet so easy. To give today’s marketers some clear insights, Harper outlines the five “must have” marketing plan elements to set the best course. And not just for now, but for the future, too.

Author Jason Menzo, in Real-world Experts Talk About Marketing Plan Points, agrees that marketing plans “should not ever be seen as ‘complete’ as plans and should be updated and growing continuously as circumstances change.” Think tactics, like customer segmentation, targeting, and product positioning. Think market forces, patient needs, and payer demands. Everything can shift in the blink of an eye—so flexibility becomes the key quality that can help your brand thrive.

The same is true of legacy brands. What do you do when your brand faces patent expirations, generic competition, and OTC alternatives? Can you sustain your edge, even flourish? Absolutely. See our feature to learn about the promise of end-to-end patient advocacy and the six key elements that can ensure that “the last brand standing” remains standing as the winner it was built to be.

Speaking of winners, we’re looking ahead to our ELITE Event on July 10th at NYC’s 230 FIFTH. In last month’s issue we introduced you to this year’s ELITE winners. Don’t miss this chance to meet them in person.


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