ELITE 2020 Tech-Know Geek Nelson Figueiredo of Ogilvy Health

Nelson Figueiredo

VP, Director of Technology

Ogilvy Health

Uncovering New Layers within Tech

Nelson Figueiredo’s geek cred is indeed strong and has earned him many other “titles” at Ogilvy Health.

Immersion Navigator: Watching a MOA or MOD is no longer enough. Nelson’s leadership has moved med ed, creatives, account, and clients into an immersive space where they are the treatment, deep within the biology. CGI projected onto HCP and patient bodies demonstrate disease states for deeper understanding. Through the healthcare and B2B partnerships he has fostered, Nelson is leading the dev group’s move into AR and VR training, including implementation of proof of concept and minimal viable product workflows.

Innovation Ambassador: Technical knowledge, showmanship, and infectious enthusiasm mark Nelson’s tours of Ogilvy Health’s Innovation Lab. The Lab is a working makerspace Nelson led from idea to its latest incarnation—a multi-location build shop and collaboration hub. Featuring 3D printers, haptic interfaces, VR sensors, and more, this is a literal “room where it happens.” Off-the-shelf tech is reimagined, evolved, and rebuilt into bespoke solutions for clients. Quite often the original tech manufacturers are even surprised with the advanced feature sets Nelson and his team are introducing.

Big Data Playa: Nelson’s leadership on Ogilvy Health’s recent machine learning efforts is helping a key client transform vast quantities of visual and video data into a form of disease identification that will direct patients to their care providers sooner.

Prototype Pioneer: Nelson is a prime driver for building physical prototypes that include print posters embedded with sound chip technology, to create tangible multimedia. He is leading an ambitious project to test the grip strength of patients suffering from RA. This is a multi-phased endeavor which includes materials evaluation, the construction of testing protocols and devices, 3D printing, and integration with cellular transmitters.

Talent Splicer: Nelson is a balanced and fair manager of his dev team and their skills. Operating from a core of integrity and achievement, he is always willing to jump in, always solution oriented, and always looking to grow the next tier of talent. He personifies the fact that the technical knowhow of a “tech-know geek” is only as valuable as the humanity and human-oriented results that one can achieve.


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