5G has been a hot topic in nearly every industry, and for good reason. The ‘5’ in 5G symbolizes a significant turning point for technology, and that impacts all of us. In fact, it may be the most important technological innovation in the last decade.

The simplest way to communicate the impact of 5G is by thinking about the current speed of your mobile phone. 5G will be 100x faster. Imagine the possibilities if you could do things 100 times faster! Also, the number of devices that are able to connect to an access point will significantly increase. With traditional Wi-Fi, on average 250 devices can connect. With 4G, hundreds of thousands can connect. With 5G, millions of devices can connect to a single access point. This means less infrastructure can provide an increased level of access.

From phones to watches and tablets, each of us is using connected devices more quickly. With the increased capacity of access points, more devices will be able to be connected. This means the functionality will increase, both in terms of how many devices and also to which speed devices can connect and transmit data.

Changes Expected Thanks to 5G

5G has the potential to change our daily lives, and nowhere will this be more impactful than in healthcare. A few ways include:

  • 5G will lead to broader adoption of health monitoring devices. Doctors will have the ability to use health monitoring data to help with their evaluation of their patients’ health due to the ability to quickly access and analyze the data transmitted via 5G.
  • Telemedicine adoption has greatly increased due to the pandemic, but it will reach even higher levels with 5G behind it. With improved connection and data transfer speeds, the user experience will be significantly better, allowing patients to speak to specialists from all over the world just as if they were in the room with their physician.

5G will also change the way healthcare advertisers can reach key audiences. Some examples:

  • The rise in 5G will provide new digital experiences to consumers. Whether it is on a connected device, a VR simulation, or a telemedicine consult, consumers will be able to engage with content in new landscapes—presenting marketers with more unique opportunities for their brands.
  • With easier access to larger files, 5G will allow the switch from written to video content strategy.

While we can’t fully predict the impact 5G will have on our daily lives, just as we couldn’t predict the impact the invention of airplanes and cell phones and personal computers, one thing is for certain: This is going to be big.

  • Justin Freid

    Justin Freid is Chief Growth & Innovation Officer at CMI/Compas. Justin is focused on finding opportunities for CMI/Compas and its clients to grow, from building new tools and partnerships to leading sales and marketing efforts.