ELITE Transformational Leader Lisa Waters of CCA LA

Lisa Waters

Managing Director



The Account Winner

Winning isn’t a foreign concept to those under the leadership of Lisa Waters. In the past year alone, CCA won nine new accounts in a row, and a cumulative of 11 for the year—all under Lisa’s guidance.

This umbrella of wins includes categories the team hadn’t engaged in previously, but Lisa sought out the untapped potential within the industry. New territory for the group includes healthcare finance, as well as working on both branded and unbranded campaigns, which was a pairing previously unexplored. Lisa possesses no limits or bounds, and this is a tangible mentality that resonates throughout her entire 38-member team and speaks to the double-digital growth of the agency.

Lisa also serves as a colossal contributor to the thriving culture of CCA on the West Coast, providing her team a strong sense of reassurance by letting them know she trusts them to be accountable. And she stays atop the rapidly and constantly evolving trends in healthcare to ensure the programs developed are relevant and in alignment with the changing landscape. In a highly regulated environment, healthcare clients were traditionally wary to go the social route and resorted to traditional media to develop their programs. As clients are increasingly willing to use social media, Lisa is meeting the need with the development of effective social programs.

“Lisa is most definitely a transformational leader,” offers Steve Telliano, EVP/General Manager at Edelman. “When Lisa and I worked together, she was one of the best business leaders in our entire organization. She and I led similar teams in different geographic regions, and she helped devise ways to keep both of our teams motivated, engaged, challenged, and focused on delivering for clients. In regards to her own client work, Lisa always drives toward new creative heights, developing programs with powerful results, like harnessing the power of hope in communications to reduce meth use for at-risk audiences—measurably increasing the number of people seeking treatment for meth addiction. Lisa is the kind of transformational leader that more organizations need to find, and place in senior leadership positions.”


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